What is electric arc furnace electrodes? control, regulation and cooling system

By:Yvonne Mar 26, 2021

Electric arc furnace electrodes is mainly used as conductive material in electric smelting furnace.

What is electric arc furnace electrodes?

Electric arc furnace electrodes is composed of rod and nipple.
Eaf electrodes types

Eaf steelmaking is through the end of two connected graphitized electric arc furnace electrodes to produce a strong arc melting charge and heating scrap, Using petroleum coke, needle coke as aggregate, coal asphalt as binder, graphite electrode is manufactured with high quality refractory raw material through the production process of calcining, crushing, burden, mixing kneading, extruding, baking, impregnation, graphitization, manufacturing and packing.

Electric arc furnace electrode cooling system

The arc furnace uses water cooling or air cooling devices, and the arc furnace electrode USES spray cooling system.
Below is a video of the arc furnace graphite electrode water-cooled spray control system

Electric arc furnace electrode control and regulation

The following automatic adjusting devices are mainly used for the electrode lifting of electric furnace.
First, thyristor - dc motor type automatic regulator.
Second, SCR - electromagnetic differential clutch regulator.
Third, electro-hydraulic proportional valve - hydraulic transmission type regulator.
The first two kinds of regulating devices are composed of electronic components of the insert board. Due to the unstable performance of the electronic components, the maintenance work is large. Compared with the former two kinds of adjusting method, using the hydraulic transmission type regulator, the hydraulic system of inertia is small, the rise and fall of start, brake speed, torque, at the same time adopt SIEMEN S7-300 series programmable controller to control, the entire electrical system compact structure, stable performance, therefore low failure rate, convenient maintenance, by modifying the program to meet different smelting process requirements, very suitable for used as a regulator, is widely used in large and medium-sized electric furnace.

Electric arc furnace electrode consumption

Electrode in the process of steelmaking, because at high temperatures, the electrode surface reaction with oxygen to produce carbon oxygen consumption of graphite electrode stability at low temperature, high temperature oxidation, in general carbon products to begin at about 450 ℃ in air oxidation, high degree of graphitization of graphite products to begin at about 600 ℃ oxide, oxidation increased dramatically after more than 750 ℃, and increased with the increase of temperature, and in water vapor when heated to 900 ℃ by oxidation.
The main factors affecting the side oxidation of graphite electrode are high temperature and oxidation atmosphere, which is the electrode oxidation consumption, especially in the furnace gate oxygen gun, oil-oxygen co-melting, EBT cluster oxygen gun and furnace wall oxygen gun and other new technology application, the oxygen supply intensity in the furnace increased, oxidation atmosphere enhanced, so that the electrode consumption further increased.
Because the electric extreme part is in direct contact with the arc, the electrode at the end is sublimated and consumed. The electrode part is in contact with the molten pool and the carbon element is absorbed by the molten pool and consumed by erosion. The electrode is subjected to the action of electromagnetic force, mechanical force and impact force of solid raw material during operation, which results in the fracture consumption of breaking and caving.

Electric arc furnace electrode uses

Electric arc furnace electrodes quality index:

Electric arc furnace electrode price

A graph of the Graphite Electrodes price evolution in the last ten years (2010 - 2020).
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