Ultra High Power Graphite Electrodes sales and uses

By:Amanda Dec 14, 2020

UHP graphite electrode is usually used as conductor of large capacity electric arc furnace. So let DanCarbon talk about Ultra High Power Graphite Electrodes sales and uses.
1. What are Ultra High Power Graphite Electrodes?
Graphite electrode is usually used as conductor of electric arc furnace, electric arc generated between graphite electrode and bottom electrode can heat and melt furnace material. According to the rate power, graphite electrodes can be divided into regular power (RP) graphite electrode, high power (HP) graphite electrode, ultra high power (UHP) graphite electrode.
The main raw material of graphite electrode is petrol coke, in regular power graphite electrode, a little amount of pitch coke can be added into the raw material. During producing UHP graphite electrode, needle shape coke should be added into raw material. UHP graphite electrode are mainly used in the ultra high power steelmaking electric arc furnaces.

Ultra high power graphite electrode structure drawing, It is composed of rod and nipple.
types of graphite electrode:

2.Ultra High Power Graphite Electrodes Sales
►UHP graphite electrode refers to a kind of ultra high power graphite based electricity conduction material, which adopts petroleum coke, needle shaped coke as aggregate, coal asphalt as binder, and are processed by complex crafts such as calcining, crushing, milling, batching, mixing, forming, roasting, impregnating, graphitization and mechanical processing. UHP graphite electrode is usually used as conductor of large capacity electric arc furnace. The intense electric arc generated between UHP graphite electrode and bottom electrode can heat and melt furnace load.
►Features of UHP Graphite Electrode
(1) Very high electricity load capacity.
(2) Bulk density is strictly controlled to have the best thermal shock resistance.
(3)Low specific resistance, excellent electrical conductivity, so the energy loss is very small and no electric arc generates at body part.
(4)Good high temperature mechanical strength, is not easy to rupture during working.
(5)No contamination to the processed steel, only CO or CO2 gas are produced during oxidization.
(6)Very low thermal expansion coefficient.
(7)Long production cycle and complex processing craft.
(8)Precise machining accuracy

►Application of Graphite Electrode UHP
Ultra-high-power graphite electrodes are manufactured for operation at currents with a density of more than 25A/cm2, and the graphite electrode UHP is mainly used for for ultra-high-power arc furnaces and powerful ladle furnaces.
(1) Used in Electric Arc Furnace
Electric furnace steelmaking mill is the largest user of graphite electrodes. Graphite electrodes used in steelmaking accounts for 70%-80% of the total graphite electrodes production. Graphite electrodes are used to conduct electric current into electric furnace, electric arcs generated between electrodes end and loaded materials can release large amount of heat for high temperature smelting.
(2) Used in Mine Electric Furnace
The ore electric furnace is mainly used for the production of industrial silicon and yellow phosphorus. It features in that the lower part of the conductive electrode is buried in the charge, electric arcs are generated in material layer, and the heat released in the charge is used for the smelting. Mine electric furnaces which require high electric current density need to use graphite electrodes.

3. Ultra High Power Graphite Electrodes Uses
Preparation of Jointing
(1) When raising the electrode from horizontal to vertical position, leave the pin protection in place or alternatively place a cushioning material underneath the pin to prevent damage to the threads.
(2) Clean the socket and end faces of the old column as well as of the new electrode with compressed air.
(3) In the case where some dirt should be removed manually, use a soft brush against the threads. Use of a metallic brush should be avoided.
 High Power Graphite Electrodes