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Metal sheets slitting lines
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This machine is one of huge machines in this field , it includes steel blades which able to cut metal sheets at vertical form , and convert big metal sheet rolls to many more small width rolls in different dimensions as costumer needs and there are there are many thickness from it and it is selected according to customer needs.


Usage fields:

The product is used in a lot of light and heavy industries that require precise dimensions of the raw material, and the most important example is factories of forming round sections


 Technical properties:

  • Simple controlled line
  • The line is settable according to dimensions of raw material.
  • This line works to slit different thickness as required
  • Can produce many dimensions of slides in same time
  • Line speed is changeable according to produced thickness
  • This line works on three-phase voltage
  • Supported with hydraulic combination
  • except of misuse there are 1 year guarantee from production date


The lines main sections:

  1. Hydraulic coil
  2. Feed section
  3. flattening section
  4. Slitting section
  5. Final twisting section
  6. The control panel

Models from machine working 


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