Graphite Electrode Price - Updating

By:Yvonne Jun 30, 2022

A graph of the Graphite Electrodes price evolution in the last ten years (2010 - 2022).
After bottomed out in the end of 2016, the price reached the highest level on September 2017, Nowadays, prices seems that are achieving a new bottom.
► Graphite electrode price trend 2021,  The market price of graphite electrode is mainly declining. With the increase of export volume and the improvement of operation rate of electric furnace steel plant, the graphite electrode is stable. The following  graphite electrode price only for reference. Please consult graphite electrode manufacturers for quotation.

The graphite electrode price list below is not the price of our Dancarbon, but the general price trend of the market. If you need the price of Dan carbon graphite electrode, please contact us.

Graphite electrodes price today:

► UHP Graphite electrodes prices Jul 1, 2022

► UHP Graphite electrodes prices Jun 9, 2022

► Graphite electrodes prices 03/11/2021

► Graphite electrodes prices 15/10/2021

► Graphite electrodes prices 06/09/2021

► UHP Graphite electrodes prices 12/08/2021

► Graphite electrodes prices 23/07/2021

► Graphite electrode prices 07/06/2021

► UHP electrode prices 27/05/2021

► UHP Graphite electrodes price 06/04/2021

► Graphite electrodes prices 18/03/2021

► UHP graphite electrodes price 25/02/2021.

► Graphite electrode prices 22/01/2021.

► Graphite electrodes price 31/12/2020.

► UHP 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, and HP 300~600mm graphite electrodes price 19/11/2020.

► RP 300mm-500mm, HP 300mm-600mm, UHP 350mm-700mm graphite electrodes price 30/10/2020

► Regular power electrodes price 15/09/2020

Data source bid prices of various manufacturers. for reference only. The quotation is subject to the quotation of the graphite electrode manufacturer Dancarbon on the day.
 graphite electrode price