Materials & Design

Volume 60, August 2014, Pages 250-259

The use of wire mesh–epoxy composite for enhancing the flexural performance of concrete beams rights and content


Wire mesh–epoxy composite as a new material was introduced.

Significant increase in flexural performance using wire mesh–epoxy composite.

Hybrid of wire mesh–epoxy–carbon fibre notably improves flexural performance.


This paper presents a study of an ongoing research project on the use of new composites for enhancement of the performance of concrete beams. A plain concrete beam was externally bonded with wire mesh–epoxy composite using one to five wire mesh layers. The flexural performance of the beam specimens bonded with wire mesh layers was compared with the beam specimens bonded with carbon fibre as well as a hybrid of wire mesh–epoxy–carbon fibre composite. The test results show that the use of wire mesh with epoxy is an efficient way to improve the flexural performance of concrete beam specimens. The increase in wire mesh layers significantly enhances the flexural strength, cracking behaviour and energy absorption capability. In comparison with carbon fibre, wire mesh–epoxy composite is more efficient in flexural strength and ductility. In addition, it was found that a concrete beam bonded with a hybrid wire mesh–epoxy–carbon fibre composite has significantly more energy absorption capability compared to specimens bonded with only carbon fibre.


Flexural performance
Concrete beam
Welded wire mesh
Carbon fibre
Energy absorption

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