Aluminum Round Bar and Aluminum Round Stock

Aluminum Round Bar Stock Specifications

  • Alloy 6061-T6511, ASTM B221
  • Density: .098, Standard Length -12 ft
Dimension Tolerances Pounds per Ft
0.250" Dia +/-.008 0.058
0.375" Dia +/-.004 0.129
0.500" Dia** +/-.003 0.230
0.625" Dia** +/-.003 0.361
0.750" Dia** +/-.003 0.520
0.875" Dia** +/-.003 0.707
1.000" Dia** +/-.003 0.924
1.063" Dia** +/-.004 1.043
1.125" Dia** +/-.004 1.169
1.188" Dia** +/-.004 1.303
1.250" Dia** +/-.004 1.443
1.313" Dia** +/-.004 1.590
1.375" Dia** +/-.004 1.746
1.500" Dia** +/-.005 2.078
1.625" Dia +/-.005 2.439
1.750" Dia +/-.005 2.828
1.875" Dia +/-.005 3.247
2.000" Dia +/-.007 3.695
2.125" Dia +/-.007 4.171
2.250" Dia +/-.007 4.676
2.375" Dia +/-.007 5.210
2.500" Dia +/-.007 5.773
2.563" Dia +/-.007 6.067
2.625" Dia +/-.007 6.365
2.750" Dia +/-.007 6.985
3.000" Dia +/-.007 8.313
3.125" Dia +/-.012 9.019
3.250" Dia +/-.012 9.756
3.300" Dia +/-.012 10.058
3.375" Dia +/-.012 10.520
3.500" Dia +/-.012 11.314
3.750" Dia +/-.012 12.989
4.000" Dia +/-.017 14.778
4.060" Dia +/-.034/-000 15.368
4.125" Dia +/-.017 15.716
4.250" Dia +/-.017 16.683
4.500" Dia +/-.017 18.703
4.750" Dia +/-.017 20.840
5.000" Dia +/-.017 23.091
5.060" Dia +/-.063/-000 23.970
5.250" Dia +/-.022 25.458
5.500" Dia +/-.022 27.940
5.750" Dia +/-.022 30.540
6.000" Dia +/-.022 33.250
6.081" Dia +/-.088/-000 34.650
6.250" Dia +/-.022 36.079
6.500" Dia +/-.022 39.023
6.750" Dia +/-.022 42.083
7.000" Dia +/-.022 45.258
7.250" Dia +/-.022 48.555
7.500" Dia +/-.022 51.955
8.000" Dia +/-.054 59.113
8.500" Dia +/-.054 66.732
9.000" Dia +/-.054 74.814
9.250" Dia. +/-.054 79.028
10.130" Dia. +/-.074 94.638
11.000" Dia +/-.074 111.800
12.000" Dia +/-.084 133.000
12.125" Dia +/-.084 135.720

High-Grade Aluminum Round Bar

When it comes to finding the best aluminum round bar and aluminum round stock, only Howard Precision Metals can provide you with the highest quality aluminum extruded products on the market. If your company is looking for aluminum bar or other extruded aluminum products, Howard Precision Metals is your best aluminum distributor option.

Aluminum Round Bar Stock Lists

We work with the most skilled and knowledgeable aluminum extrusion mills in the industry, such as Hydro (formerly SAPA) and Kaiser Aluminum, which ensures that we provide our clients with only the highest quality products. Through many years of research and development, these mills have perfected the process of manufacturing the most consistent machining 6061 T6511. In addition, the diameter and straightness tolerances are the tightest available on the market today. Howard Precision Metals is your best source for premium aluminum extruded rounds. We stock Hydro’s (formerly SAPA) ACC-U-Rod®, along with Kaiser’s Select Precision Rod®, which both offer better than standard Aluminum Association straightness and diameter tolerances. By only supplying premium products to our customers, we know our customers can machine with ease.

Our Aluminum Rods are Suitable for a Range of Different Applications

From couplings, fittings, trucks and railroad through to numerous applications within the aerospace industry, aluminum round stock is widely utilized. We carry a wide range of aluminum round bar stock that can be used for many different applications. Our aluminum round stock for sale includes rods of various thicknesses and lengths, ensuring that no matter what your project requirements might be, we have the right aluminum rod for your needs. We are one of the few aluminum round bar suppliers to service customers over a broad range of different industries. Because we keep hefty stocks levels on-hand, we are able to ship even large volumes of material to customers in a short time-frame. Because we have an extensive selection of advanced equipment at our disposal, we are able to complete larger, more complex orders as well as smaller, straight-forward requests with ease.

Precision Aluminum Round Bar

We stock a wide selection of round aluminum bars, many of which are ready for ship-out same or next day. We work with only premier mill sources to ensure our customers receive only the best performing round extruded aluminum products available on the market. Our aluminum round bar inventory is primarily sourced from two mills: Hydro’s ACC-U-ROD and Kaiser’s Select Precision Rod. With both of these product lines offering better than Aluminum Association tolerances, our customers benefit from the exceptional machinability and consistency job after job. We hold our mill partners to strict quality and performance metrics to ensure that you receive only premium aluminum products with every order. In addition to offering a vast array of aluminum round bar sizes, we can also offer custom extruded aluminum shapes through partnerships with our mill sources. Our custom aluminum extrusion process offers an incredibly quick turnaround, with delivery as soon as 12 weeks after print approval. Our mills are able to extrude just about anything you can imagine, from simple near net shapes to complicated hollows. If you would like to learn more about the custom extrusion process, contact us today. We have a highly skilled customer care team available to answer any questions that you may have about our aluminum products and services.

6061 Round Bar and Round Aluminum Extrusion

Round extruded 6061 aluminum is a versatile option that works well in many different applications. Aluminum’s qualities of malleability, ductility, and strength, coupled with its light weight, make it ideal for end-uses where durability is a must. With more than nine decades of metals distributorship behind us, we understand the importance of delivering consistently excellent products our customers deserve, on-time, and at a competitive price. To find out more about Howard Precision Metals and the products we offer, call us at (800) 444-0311.

Extrusion Saw Cutting

  • Tolerances: as close as +/-.005*
  • RMS finish as low as 32*
  • 8″ diameter maximum

Band Saw Cutting

  • Tolerances: as close as +.030/-.000*
  • Up to 16″ diameter
*Highlighted sizes are carried in Hydro’s ACC-U-ROD® with tolerances nearing that of Cold Finished bar. **Tolerances listed may vary from manufacturer, we have Hydro’s listed. Need assistance or more information regarding our aluminum round bar and aluminum round stock? Talk to one of our aluminum experts at Howard Precision Metals today at (800) 444-0311. Note: Our website is the most current data. Any printed data could be out of date. Straightness for Acc-u-rod® in all diameters improved to 1/2 standard extruded tolerance, .00625″ per ft. of .075″/12 ft. length for lengths up to and including 12 ft. For lengths over 12 feet, straightness of .0125″/ft will apply. Acc-u-rod® is available in 6061, 6262, 6042, and 6082 with minimum mill-run quantities and mill lead time. Find our downloadable line card on round bar here.