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An aluminum angle bar is made up of two legs that form a 90-degree angle and create an L-shape. It’s primarily used in structural and architectural construction applications; however, it can also be used for general and technical fabrications.


Different Uses of Aluminum Angle Bars

In the world of construction and manufacturing, aluminum has always been one of the most popular and sought-after materials. Known for its low maintenance and excellent workability, aluminum angle bars have a wide range of uses, including:

  • Marine structural applications
  • Floor framing
  • Pipelines
  • Rail industry applications
  • Heavy structures
  • Roof trusses


Different Types of Aluminum Angle Bars

Before you can use aluminum angle bars, you first need to understand which types and grades of aluminum are ideal for your purpose.


We stock 6060 aluminum angles, which has magnesium and silicon alloys. 6060 aluminum has above average strength and strong corrosion resistance, and it is excellent for welding. It also responds well to cold forming and standard anodizing practices.


6060 aluminum angles are an extruded product that has perfectly squared corners and has a smooth surface finish. This product is ideal for interior and exterior fabrication and building construction.


Find the Best Aluminum Angle Bar for Your Business

Whatever the purpose of your project, the key to getting the best results lies in finding the right products.


Metric Metal offers a diverse range of high-quality aluminum materials to make every project easy and hassle-free. Call us at 800-333-4140 or request a quote from us online.


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