Brass can be used for wire mesh. It is an alloy that is comprised of copper and zinc.  Brass is soft and malleable.  As a wire mesh, the most commonly available brass woven wire mesh is known, in certain circles, as “270 yellow brass”, which has a chemical composition of approximately 65% copper, 35% zinc. “260 high brass”, which is 70% copper, 30% zinc is also popular in the mesh industry, particularly on custom manufactured items.

Zinc in brass woven wire mesh is important as it provides added resistance and higher tensile strengths; it also hardens the mesh, compared to its softer copper woven wire mesh counterpart. For these reasons, brass wire mesh is used in filtration and separation applications.

Industrial grade brass woven wire mesh has a golden yellow color to it, and this unique color makes it appealing for use in decorative and even artistic applications.

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