Brass Wire Mesh

Celebrated for its abrasion resistance and tensile strength, brass wire mesh is a frequent go-to for a variety of industries and applications. The mesh can act as a handy plumbing screen filter for pipes as well as add charm to cabinet doors. Brass' unique golden color is also dazzling for creative uses, like sculptures and ornamental decor items.

Brass wire mesh is one of the many types ofwire mesh materials TWP Inc. offers. With 60 percent to 70 percent copper and 30 percent to 40 percent zinc, brass is a relatively bendable product compared to other meshes.

While the alloy similarly corrodes when exposed to ammonia, saltwater and other salts, its strength surpasses that ofcopper wire mesh. When electrical conductivity isn't essential, brass may be the perfect choice for your next project.

Features & Uses

Brass mesh is a fairly stiff material, but may be bent by hand and has some springback after being bent or formed. It is commonly used forfiltration and separation. Brass is also a common material used inmesh filter discs, which need to be durable enough to complete a range of tasks. Beyond those applications, brass wire mesh has a key part in the following processes:

Artists, homeowners, and interior designers appreciate brass wire mesh's unique yellowish gold color, which infuses warmth into any project. Brass is versatile enough to complement most themes, including modern, traditional, and rustic decor. In ourantique brass-plated mesh, steel is coated with a lustrous brass patina that's gorgeous in indoor vents, cabinets, and entertainment centers.

Choosing Your Wire Mesh Material

Brass wire mesh shines beautifully when polished, but may discolor over time without maintenance. Brass is most likely to get tarnished when used outside by the ocean, where it can take as little as six months. In the desert, it can take upwards of 20 years.

Keep brass mesh glossy by first removing the surface oil using a mild phosphoric acid household cleaner, such as Shower Power™, and then rinsing it well. Children and pets should stay away, and the person cleaning should wear a mask and gloves. Discoloration may also be stopped by lacquering, waxing, or periodically oiling the mesh to protect it from atmospheric conditions.

In general, our website gives detailed descriptions and pictures of many brass meshes. For someone unfamiliar with wire mesh terminology, 2 mesh has two openings in each direction in a square inch. You could easily pass a pencil through the openings. 16 mesh is what is used in a window or porch screens to keep out common insects. 60x40 mesh is the size commonly used in kitchen faucets. An 80 mesh has an opening which will barely pass a human hair. A piece of paper is about three thousandths (.003) of an inch.

Brass Mesh Discs

Looking for more products? We also offer brass mesh discs.


  • Superior to copper abrasion resistance and tensile strength

  • 60-70% copper plus 30-40% zinc

  • Easily cut with hand tools

  • Can be soldered with lead or silver solder

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