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Built to last at great prices includes Delivery and Installation

Metal Barn Central is one of the largest dealers of metal buildings including metal barns and metal carports. We can build custom carports for your needs to keep your vehicles or equipment secure from the rain, snow, storms, and other weather elements. The difference between a carport and a metal garage is that of enclosed sides and ends. We put three feet metal sheeting which is 26 ga or 29 ga. The lesser the gauge, the better is the strength of the panels. These panels can be placed vertically or horizontally on the roofs and the sides. On an A –frame roof style, when you put vertical panels, it is known as the Vertical Carport Roof Style. You can choose to partially cover the sides or the ends of a metal building with panels to make it semi-enclosed or you can completely enclose the carport and turn it into a building. Vertical panels on the roof are considered the bet because they let the hail, debris and rain slide off without you having to worry about cleaning your metal carport regularly. They are more robust than the regular style metal carports as well. Metal Barn Central prides in building custom car ports of the best quality that are extremely durable for all weather conditions. These metal carports can be certified for your area weather requirements and we can provide higher wind speed and snow load certifications based on your needs. We can also provide you with the engineering drawings that will help you pass the local inspection. We can build top-only carports, gabled carports, carports with panels on each side, metal carports with one side enclosed, RV covers with increase eave height, boat carports, utility carports, and combo units. If you can imagine it, we can build it for you.

Why Buy a Metal Carport:

Increases the value of your property – Metal Carports in the backyard have been known to increase the value of your residential property. Similarly, if you have a home business or a hobby business and the building is made of steel, be rest assured it adds to the value of your business. Weather Protection: Keeping your cars, trucks, and bikes under cover will help shield them from the unwanted elements of Mother Nature. It is not uncommon to hear about the damage a passing hail storm has made to cars, trucks and RVs. Similarly, if you keep your vehicle in the open, even the sun’s UV rays can be harmful and can deteriorate the paint quality of your vehicle. Affordable: Metal Carports are affordable. With an average cost of $11 a square foot, metal buildings are your friends as they last very long. These days, we have seen customers living in tiny metal homes. These are our rick category II buildings which are fortified with metal. They pass every quality inspection and check and have been used as a home by many customers throughout America. Quick installation: Once ready to deliver, our sub contracted crews can install your metal carport in less than a day. We have experienced crew with excellent workmanship who keep your site clean and install your building with perfection on your levelled land. Multi-purpose: Metal carport are multi-purpose, you can store your RV or commercial vehicle under it when not being used. Motorbikes, cars, boats, trucks and whatever other vehicle or equipment that will fit inside can likewise be put away under it, because of capacity limits it is used as a shielded vehicle zone, and your metal carport can also be utilized as a protected engaging territory for occasions such as outdoor barbeque or lunch/dinner parties.

How to select the right metal carport for your needs?

Metal carport is a substantial investment that can last for years to come. They can secure your prized possession and your outdoor toys and can help you unclutter your living spaces. Selecting a metal carport for your needs is as easy as 1-2-3. Just call us at +1 (980) 321-9898 or use our Metal Building Color Visualizer to build your own. Here are some of the important points you should consider before you go ahead and decide to buy a metal carport online: 1) When it comes to the metal carport, the choices are relatively boundless. One approach to limit those alternatives immediately is by concentrating on what vehicles you'd like secured. We offer a wide variety of options and sometimes it may be overwhelming. Do you need a regular style metal carport or a vertical style? What length. The question begets more questions, so step back for a moment and understand your needs first. Then pay heed to the fact that your needs may increase over next couple of years so the barn or the garage building that you pick, should be roomier than today’s needs. 2) The location for your metal carport will be pivotal in deciding the best one. Knowledge about the open grounds will enable you to bring the ideal choices. How much space do you have for maneuvering your boat or the RV.. Is there a slope on the back side of the building? Think about the location from the perspective of our installation team and your internal work contractor too. They need power within 50 feet, they may need a lift in case the building eave height is more. 3) Your area snow load and wind speed determine the best building for your needs. We prefer 12 ga metal sheeting for 65 PSF buildings. Similarly, in Florida, Louisiana, coastal GA, New Mexico, South Carolina, and some parts of North Carolina needs better wind speed certifications through 150 or 170 mph certifications. Check the wind speed and snow load in your area by ZIP code at: We offer a 20-year rust warranty on
  • 14 Gauge Framing
  • 12 Gauge Framing
  • Regular Style Up to 31’ Long
  • Boxed Eave Style Up to 31’ Long
  • Vertical Roof Style Up to Any Length
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on All Certified Units for Wind and Snow Load.
We also back up our workmanship by offering a 1 year workmanship warranty from the date of installation.

Work with the Best – Barn Central for Metal Carports and Barns

Give us a call at +1 (980) 321-9898 and our experienced building specialists should be able to help you buy the best buildings for sale. Our people have an in-depth understanding of the metal building industry and we work with most of the major manufacturers to bring you the best prices for metal carports and garages.