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Titanium clad plate

JFE Steel's Titanium-clad steel plates are manufactured in anexclusive rolling process. Clad plates are ideal when high strength and corrosion resistance are needed simultaneously, such as for pressure vessels, etc,

Products Size

The available range is given below. Please consult with JFE Steel for more details.

Titanium roll-clad tube sheets

JFE Steel produces titanium roll-clad tube sheets with the same advanced technology that goes into our CP tube plates. The powerful plate mills make it possible to achieve higt shear strength competitive with conventional explosive-clad sheets. We are confident JFE Steel clad sheets will meet sever specifications, while minimizing fabrication costs.


  • Shapes
    • Rectangular plate is standard. Trapezoidal plate is also available upon request.
  • Surface Finishs
    • ①Ti plate:Pickled, roughness controlled, surface is standard.
      Polished(ground)finish is also available upon request.
      Plate with weight of 6.0 ton and over is supplied with polished (ground) surface.
    • ②Ti-clad plate:Polishd(ground)surface and blasted surface are standard for cladding metal and base metal, respecitively.



Production sample of CP Titanium and Clad Tube Sheet

  • Size

  • Size

  • Flatness

  • Surface roughness

  • Thickness Tolerance in a plate

Titanium Clad Steel Plates