A0716 Composite Manholes

The Emco Wheaton A0716 Composite Manhole is designed with a lightweight, slip-resistant composite manhole covers, using the latest manufacturing technology to ensure porosity-free molding, and compact, homogeneous distribution of reinforcing fiber. The covers utilize a UV resistant treatment to protect against sun and weather damage. Available in six industry standard sizes. Never break concrete again - easily replace damaged lids with Emco solid composite or steel lids. Drop-in Replacement Lids accommodate Emco and other manufacturer's manholes. Emco composite lids have a 36 month warranty: ManholeTrak Warranty Tracking System.



Emco Wheaton composite lid constructions are substantially stiffer than other H-20/H-25 load rated lids. At 16,000 lbs, our lids deflect less than 3/4". Other brands deflect 1.5" or more! This video demonstrates an A0716 loaded up to 40,000 lbs.