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Difference between graphite electrode and carbon electrode
The graphite electrode is an important high temperature conductive material which is used for the electric steel making. The carbon electrode is also a conductive material that is produced from metallurgical coke and anthracite. Sometimes in the manufacturing process of carbon electrode a small amount of natural graphite is also used. Using coal asphalt as binder, needle coke as aggregate and graphite electrode is manufactured with high quality of refractory raw material through various production processes of crushing, calcining, extruding, mixing kneading, graphitization, impregnation, packing and manufacturing.

When it comes to the carbon electrode and graphite electrode it always occur t our mind that the carbon and graphite electrodes are same. But the true fact is they are not same because the carbon electrodes comes in different thicknesses and in many sizes but it gives a feel as like piece of fabric. The carbon electrodes are flexible one to handle but the graphite is not flexible one. The main difference is purity where the graphite comes in the pencil lead form which is partially the clay fillers and the carbon electrode comes in rod shaped and looks as much like the pencil lead. Each of the electrodes is used in different applications and they offer different kinds of benefits according to its chemical nature. But comparing to the graphite the carbon is a good conductor of electricity and it is mainly used where there is need for transferring the electrons.
Uses of graphite electrode and carbon electrode
The graphite electrode is mainly used in the electric furnace steel making process whereas the carbon is primarily used in the electro chemical analysis or electro chemical experiments process. The carbon is a good conductor of electric current and it is a key requirement for the successful electrolysis.  When the carbon electrode is used in the electrolysis process then the number of freely moving electrons results in the highly conductive material. It is also has very high melting point which means it facilitate in wide range of different reactions. Other benefit of using the carbon is it has longevity, ease to procurement and relatively low cost.

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