Bearings in internal combustion engines, Engine parameters determining bearing loading, Lubrication regimes, Hydrodynamic journal bearing, Hydrodynamic lubrication theory, Geometrical parameters of engine bearings, Mechanisms of wear, Requirements to engine bearing materials, Engine bearing fatigue test, Engine bearing materials, Copper based bearing materials, Manufacturing bi-metal strips for copper bearings, Aluminum based bearing materials, Continuous casting of aluminum based bearing alloys, Manufacturing bi-metal strips for aluminum bearings, Lead based engine bearing overlays, Tin based engine bearing overlays, Sputter bearing overlays, Polymer based engine bearing overlays, Engine bearing failure, Selection of engine bearing materials, Effect of low viscosity oils on engine bearings, pMax Black™ - Strengthened Tri-metal Bearing Materials for High Performance Bearings, U-Groove™ Modified Design of Oil Groove for High Performance Bearings, ElliptiX™ Oil Hole of New Design for High Performance Bearings, EccentriX™ Optimal Eccentricity for High Performance Bearings, RadiaLock™ - Design of Crush Height for Reliable Press Fit of High Performance Bearings, Modern Trends In Materials For High Performance Engine Bearings,Optimization of Clearance Design for High Performance Engine Bearings, Camshaft Bearings, Consistency in Bearing Wall Thickness, Soft Strength of Racing Bearings, Effect of oil viscosity on hydrodynamic friction of engine bearings, Bearing Materials For Race Engines, Oil Clearance and Engine Bearings

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