What Is Pipe Pile?

Tips & Advice

Pipe piles are steel pipes that are either welded, spiral-welded, or seamless. They are used for deep foundations and for transferring loads from buildings and other structures to deep, underground soil layers. They help resist load pressure by allowing for point bearing and skin friction. Pipe piles are driven into place with plates or points and may be close-ended or open-ended. Some pipe piles are filled with concrete to maximize strength and load bearing capabilities. Sometimes pipe piles that are larger and thicker are a more cost-effective option than filling smaller, thinner piles with concrete.

Advantages of Pipe Piles

As opposed to other options for deep foundations, pipe piles offer several advantages. They lower costs because they are capable of being tailored to meet specific load bearing requirements. They are simple to drive and install, and they’re easy to inspect and test before use. They are sturdy and unlikely to crack or otherwise get damaged while they are being driven into the ground. Additionally, pipe piles can be added to bolster foundation support after construction and during various phases of construction.

Common Sizes

Pipe piles come in a variety of sizes that can support loads between 50 and 500 kips. They may be several inches in diameter to several feet in diameter. Common sizes range from 8” in diameter to over 50” in diameter. If you’re looking to buy used pipe pile, you should have no problem finding plenty of options in this range, with the highest number of options in the diameter range of 18” to 28”. Pipe piles can be joined together to create pile structures that are hundreds of feet long.


Pipe piles can be used for the creation of the following:

• Building foundations

Bridge foundations

Highway foundations

Marine structure foundations

• Dock foundations

• Offshore construction foundations

• Railway foundations

• Oilfield construction foundations

• Communication tower foundations

• Column foundations

These are just some of the examples of possible applications for pipe piles. They are useful whenever a structure or building is large and heavy. They are also excellent to employ in areas where soil quality is poor or only allows for shallow depths unless piles are driven deep into the ground. For marine applications, pipe piles are a great choice to provide extra foundation support in the ocean floor or canal floor.

Perks of Buying Used

Steel is built to last and maintain its quality, so you don’t have to worry about used pipe pile getting the job done. Most used pipe pile on the market was surplus from a previous foundation project or has been reclaimed from use in pipelines. Buying used steel pipe piles can save you a decent amount of money. The used pipe pile on our website generally ranges in price from between around $0.25 to $0.40 per lb. This is significantly cheaper than new pipe pile and can help you cut your overall project costs dramatically. When buying used, make sure pipe piles have been properly inspected for curvature and damage.

Final Thoughts

Pipe piles are a valuable addition to deep foundations and are suitable to numerous applications and construction projects that require deep foundations. Pipe piles can be purchased new or used, and the wide array of buying options helps ensure you can find the right pipe piles for your project at the right price.

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