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Do you need ultra-fine metal cloth for your next Z post fence or residential project? TWP Inc. is your resource for precise, optical-grade high-visibility and high-transparency stainless steel mesh. Learn about the features and uses for this type of hardware cloth, and browse our selection to determine the right size and weave for your project.

Features of High-Transparency Screen Mesh

High-transparency wire mesh is commonly used to shield windows and doors from insects, but it is suitable for other applications as well. With stainless mesh you'll be able to increase airflow in your home, let the fresh air in, control the temperature, and keep bugs and other pests out. What’s more, the mesh is available in various metals, allowing you to complement the interior and exterior aesthetics of your home. It is made from strong stainless steel wires and is the most transparent window mesh you can get, providing more visibility than standard insect screens.

The material can also be used for:

  • Computer monitors to prevent unwanted electrical emissions

  • RFI (radio-frequency interference) shielding

  • Cathode ray tube (CRT) displays

  • Marine environments

  • Viewing windows for observing instrumentation inside a shielded enclosure

The optically clear wire mesh is resistant to corrosion, saltwater, and high temperatures, making it highly useful in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Materials, Weave Types & Sizing Options

TWP Inc. carries high-quality transparent stainless steel T-316 (Type 316) and copper mesh that’s woven to ISO 9044 industrial and technical standards. Choose from different sizes and quantities such as full rolls, squares, rectangles, smaller swatches, and custom-cut sizes upon request. 

With TWP Inc.’s high-transparency wire cloth, you’ll get a super-fine plain weave (standard square) with a mill finish. The fine wiring is designed to enhance viewing ability through the mesh. Keep in mind the delicate nature of the material, as it can be easily wrinkled or skewed if it isn’t handled properly. High-visibility insect screen mesh will be woven with slightly larger openings (24 wires per inch) with a baked on black polyester finish.

Stainless Steel High-Transparency Wire Mesh from TWP Inc.

The wire mesh from TWP Inc. is highly transparent, uniform, and qualifies as optical-grade. The material can be easily cut by hand with scissors, but we offer in-house laser cutting services and can provide samples for you to test and inspect. 

TWP Inc.’s insect-control wire meshes include bronze, copper, and stainless options featuring high-visibility. You can easily see through the gauzy mesh, and the extremely delicate metal fabric requires careful handling. In addition to extreme care, taping the outer edges of the mesh cloth to backing paper is recommended when maneuvering and installing the material.

Our specialty meshes are suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and high-end residential applications. Shop our selection of high-transparency industrial mesh and insect screen materials, request a quote online, or contact an expert at TWP Inc. to discuss a custom order.

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