Hot-dipped galvanized steel is a material produced by running cold rolled steel sheet in coil form through a molten zinc pot therefore creating an even layer of zinc coating on top of the cold rolled steel.  Zinc is chosen as the coating material because it protects the steel by acting as a sacrificial layer.  If, for some reason, rust does take hold on the surface of galvanized steel, the zinc will get corroded first.  This allows the zinc to prevent rust from reaching the steel.

Our associated company employs a continuous galvanizing line (CGL) that produces both Zn-coated steel coils or (hot -dipped galvanized) and Zn-Fe coated steel coils (Galvannealed steel).  The production capacity of the CGL is 300,000 tons per year, and its available sizes are 0.3 – 2.4mm in thickness, 850-1676mm in width, with the maximum coil weight of 22 tons, the maximum outer diameter of 1980mm, and the inner diameters of 508 mm & 610 mm.

Hot-dipped galvanized steel is mainly used in manufacturing car bodies and appliance parts, etc.  The thickness of the zinc coating, which can be made according to customer requests, together with the suitable chemical treatment (e.g. chromate coating treatment, or chromate-free, anti- finger print treatment), enables our hot-dip galvanized steel coils to become truly diversified products, with an excellent finish.