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Seawater desalination plants

We supply wide range and abundant grades of stainless steel plates including Duples from Yawata Works specialized for stainless plates and installed powerful Quarto plate mill and leveler.

Our products are used extensively for tanks, plants and infrastructure such as seawater desalination.

  • Pump

  • Building structural


Chemical tanker

LNG plant

eer tanks

Sputtering system

Intake tower


  1. Large-Size Plates
    -We have established technologies for extra large-size plates with the state-of-the-art production lines including a quarto rolling mill.
    -Large plates will enable you to curtail the welding process in fabrication and, as a result, they contribute to reducing your cost and time.
    -Large plates will also diminish the size of the undesirable heat-affected zone caused by welding.
  2. High Performance Corrosion Resistance, with Abundant Grades for Various Applied Circumstances
    -Up-to-date equipment, such as a heat treatment furnace, roller quencher, spray type cooling system, and so on, provide complete solid solution treatments for steel products.
    Moreover, those facilities produce a wide range of grades designed for use in various kinds and levels of corrosive environments.
    Authentic technical data on each product are available anytime for your reference.
  3. Quality in Uniformly Highest Level
    -Superior technology as well as extensive quality control from steelmaking to finishing assures the stable production of stainless steel plates in uniformly excellent quality.
  4. Prompt Delivery
    -An exclusive rolling mill is available at all times for the production of stainless steel plates.
    Moreover, an unrivaled volume production system and strict quality control program assure smooth production and on-time delivery.
  5. Marvelously Aesthetic Surface Finishes
    -We apply the process of surface finishing to our products by pickling or buff-polishing.
    We would sincerely like you to enjoy the marvelously aesthetic surface finishes of our products.
    -Levels of finishing can be adjusted according to your requirements.


You can download PDF files of product data.
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