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Wire Rod Coils

NAS offers various grades of wire rod stainless steel in coils. Available diameters range from 0.197″ to 1.54″ (5.0 mm – 39.3 mm) with small dimensional increments for direct draw to final size wire diameter to achieve required temper. We provide many subcategories in each grade with controlled chemistry to further suit your application and provide you with a significant cost advantage.

Steel Types


*Review Technical Data Sheet for alloy details and properties.
Wire rod is certified to ASTM A580 (chemistry only) and ASTM A555.

Note: Material may be certified to other standard specifications as well.
Please contact NAS for specific requirements.


Dimensional Tolerance: Per ASTM A555.

Coil Weight: Coils are provided up to 5000 lbs. Upon request, the coils can be divided into half coils. The minimum coil weight can be 1000 lbs.


Surface Finish

Tempers and Finishes:
Hot rolled annealed and pickled
Hot rolled annealed and pickled plus coated
Hot rolled and pickled
Hot rolled only (as hot rolled)
Upon request, all coils can be wrapped in plastic.

Additional Information


*The above properties are typical, rather than minimum, maximum or average and will vary by size. These are not intended for use as specification.

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