Making Waves in Silicon Valley


This stunning facade in Santa Clara features Kaynemaile’s new range of architectural screening, making dynamic three-dimensional facades simple and cost effective for both new and existing projects.

Spanning full height and only connecting to the building at the top and bottom meant that the system could be installed fast. Each Kaynemaile screen on this project has a self-supporting lightweight internal frame with a ribbon of Kaynemaile mesh over top, creating a kinetic, expressive building along the San Tomas Expressway.

With up to 70% solar reduction and compliant air flow all within a self-supporting package this Kaynemaile system is a beautiful addition to the architecture of Silicon Valley.


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 Recent Projects

Experience our WonderCool effect at the Expo 2020 Dubai

The first spectacle of architectural design to be encountered by the expected 25 million visitors to Dubai World Expo is our soaring kinetic shade canopy over the visitor arrivals hall.

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Sculptural Hotel Ceiling Feature

Inspired by the winding Avon river, this beautiful ceiling feature creates warmth and intrigue for arriving guests. The new Crowne Plaza hotel in Christchurch is set to become a premium destination for international and local visitors to the rebuilt city centre.

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Wondrously Cool Parking Garage Screening for The Interlock

With a focus on urban living and connecting with Atlanta’s booming West Midtown it features apartments, retail, office space and a myriad of hospitality and community focused options.

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Kaynemaile Interior Screens

Kaynemaile gives you the ability to divide and define spaces while providing transparency and airflow. Our hanging, folding or framed dividers are suitable for creating privacy and partitioning spaces. Being highly textural they add an artistic element.


Kaynemaile for Exteriors

Creating beautiful and unique designs is easy with Kaynemaile. It is tough and impact resistant, yet flexible enough to be stretched over a frame to execute complex three-dimensional shapes.


Innovative Kiwi Creation Takes Centre Stage At Entrance To Expo 2020 Dubai

“Dubbed ‘WonderCool’ the canopy was created by Wellington’s Kaynemaile and not only delivers a dramatic and kinetic aesthetic but also shields visitors from desert heat as they await entry.”

A Kinetic Façade Brings The New Zealand Pavilion to Life at Expo 2020

A pioneering feat of engineering and craftsmanship, the pavilion’s innovative façade made from a unique architectural mesh called Kaynemaile…

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The ceiling—commonly referred to as “the fifth wall”—has the potential to transform an interior space from average into extraordinary… Architectural mesh is the perfect example of a decorative interior ceiling feature that is adaptable to a wide variety of aesthetic compositions and purposes.

Designs for a Sustainable World

We've been featured in New Zealand Story's latest video on kiwi innovations. It’s great to be in the mix with David Trubridge lighting, Noho chairs and Wishbone bikes. New Zealand is filled with some pretty amazing companies doing pretty amazing things.

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