Crucible Liner, Vitreous carbon over graphite


Vitreous carbon over graphite crucible liner inserts. Consult factory for price and availability for 25cc Deeper Version, 30cc with Web, and 30cc w/o Web sizes.

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Recommended for Be, B, Cr, Mg, and Permalloy.

Pocket Size Wall Thickness (inch) Liner Volume (cc)
1.8cc 0.093 0.7
4cc 0.093 2.0
7cc 0.093 3.5
15cc 0.125 8.4
25cc, Shallow 0.125 15.4
25cc, Deep 0.125 14.4
30cc with Web 0.125 18.7
30cc without web 0.125 18.3
40cc 0.125 26.9
100cc 0.125 75.2

All wall angles are 15 deg.

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1.8cc, 100cc, 15cc, 25cc Deep, 25cc Shallow, 30cc w/o web, 30cc w/web, 40cc, 4cc, 7cc