Marzocchi Bomber CR Coil: Rider Review

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 Air vs Coil is a very common question these days. Both have their benefits and come down to the preference of each rider. Read on as our friend Nathan tells us why he chose to go coil for his SB130.


Recently I purchased the Marzocchi Bomber CR coil shock to put on my Yeti SB130. Anyone who has this bike will tell you just how capable and versatile it is. From its impeccable climbing ability to the crazy speed it can carry on descents, it is the perfect bike for someone like me who can only justify one bike. The only thing I wanted to change was the rear shock. I’ve been a coil shock guy for years, and I decided to replace my Fox DPX2 with the Bomber CR Coil.


I’ve owned several coil shocks in the past, such as the Fox DHX2, Ohlin’s TTX and X-Fusion Vector. I decided to go with the Marzocchi Bomber CR because I am very much a fan of the set it and forget it approach to suspension adjustment. The build quality of this shock is incredible for the price. It can take a beating and never loses performance. My local riding spots contain a good mixture of smooth, flowy descents and steep, rocky descents. The DPX2 on the SB130 is an incredibly good shock for most situations, but it lacks a suppleness that you can get from a coil shock. The Bomber is so supple on the initial stroke, giving incredible small bump compliance. The Marzocchi is not quite as supportive in the mid-stroke as the DPX2, but that is the nature of the beast when comparing an air shock against a coil shock. With that being said, the Bomber provides enough mid-stroke support that it doesn’t sink into its travel immediately.

On The Trail:

The suspension design on the SB130 is progressive enough that it works well with a coil shock. I haven’t had any issues with bottom out or anything of that nature. It does lack that poppy characteristic you get with air shocks, but that is also something that is just a part of the coil shock game. As far as weight, I haven’t weighed it on the scale but it definitely feels heavier than my DPX2. Again, this is to be expected with a coil shock. There definitely isn’t a noticeable difference on the bike as far as weight is concerned between the two shocks. I decided to run the Fox SLS spring to help with the weight, but also because orange is just a great color and matches the accents on my Yeti frame.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, I’ve been very impressed with this shock. At $299, it punches far above its weight in terms of performance and value. I would not hesitate to purchase this shock again and recommend my buddies and others to give it a try. I mean, for that price you might as well give it a shot! You will not be disappointed!

March 05, 2020

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