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The steel prices have increased so that all new orders will be taken on the revised prices. We'll update the prices on our website soon. For more details & the latest price updates, please call us at +1 (877) 801-3263. Lead times affected due to COVID-19, call us for details. Lap Sidings on Buildings now available. Call us to know more.

Metal Building Prices

Check out our collection of metal buildings installed by Viking Steel Structures for customers. Chat with us or Give us a call now to get your own custom tailored building with Free Delivery and Installation.

44x40x18 Commercial Steel Building

Starting at: $44,503.25

  • Width 44'
  • Length 40'
  • Height 18'
24x40x12 All Vertical Steel Garage

Starting at: $16,912.50

  • Width 24'
  • Length 40'
  • Height 12'
48x32x14 Commercial Garage Building

Starting at: $39,000.50

  • Width 48'
  • Length 32'
  • Height 14'
39x35x13 Carolina Barn

Starting at: $24,348.50

  • Width 39'
  • Length 35'
  • Height 13'
  • Width 42'
  • Length 35'
  • Height 12'
40x50x16 All Vertical Metal Garage

Starting at: $51,502

  • Width 40'
  • Length 50'
  • Height 16'
30x61x12 Steel Garage with Lean-To

Starting at: $34,830

  • Width 30'
  • Length 61'
  • Height 12'
30x46x14 All Vertical Metal Garage

Starting at: $25,785

  • Width 30'
  • Length 46'
  • Height 14'
  • Width 40'
  • Length 50'
  • Height 12'
  • Width 44'
  • Length 40'
  • Height 12'

Prefabricated metal building prices depend on several elements

There are multiple factors that decide the commercial metal buildings prices. Below are the important factors that decide the price of a metal building.

Every steel building requires a certain amount of metal to construct it. The quantity of steel will vary with height, length and width of the building and depends on all additional things you are adding to your metal building. Please remember that the length of the building doesn’t affect the pricing as much as an increase in width or height.
Design of the metal building plays an integral role in determining commercial steel building prices. With every design, truss, braces, roofs, walls, legs, and everything changes, which directly affects the cost. Therefore, some designs make the buildings economic and some expensive.

One of the excellent features of investing in steel buildings is the customization options that are available, such as:

Depending on the type and the style of steel building you have decided on, you may have the option for the ends to be opened, gabled, or fully enclosed.

Decide whether you want your metal structure to have open or closed sides.

You may decide whether you want a garage door, side door, door with window, side window, roll-up door, or walking door; you can even go with a frame out.

You can make a decision about the thickness of steel you want for your frame and sheet metal. Your choices here are 12 or 14 gauge for the frame, and 26 or 29 gauge for the sheet metal.

You may decide that you want extra anchors for the additional strength.

There are many other factors that contribute to the price of metal buildings. But in the end, there is no compromise made for the customer. There are different commercial steel buildings for sale which are designed to protect your physical assets from natural calamities.

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