Metal Decorative Metal Mesh

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Product Description:

ArchitecturalDecorative Wire Meshare used high quality stainless steel wire,brass wire and phosphor copper wire composite into  

warp wire(stainless steel wire),then with  weft wire(stainless steel rods) woven into the net. So it is also called composite  decorative wire mesh, mainly used for walls decorativemesh.


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:2mm

  • Bar Pitch:4.5mm

  • Warp Cable:3mm

  • Cable Pitch:5mm

  • Weight:14.14kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:1.5mm

  • Bar Pitch:1.5mm

  • Warp Cable:1mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:35mm

    Weight: 7.26kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:8mm

  • Warp Cable:2mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:90mm

  • Weight: 8.3kg/m2

    3810_S=FUTURA 3110PC

  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:7.5mm

  • Warp Cable:2mmX3

  • Cable Pitch:80mm

  • Weight: 8.58kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:3mm

  • WarpCable:1.5mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:50mm

  • Weight: 7.31kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch: 3mm

  • Warp Cable: 2mmX4

  • Cable Pitch: 50mm

  • Weight:10.97kg/m2

    1535=OMEGA 1510

  • Material: SS304

  • Weft BarDIA.(flat bar): 2mmX1.7mm

  • Bar Pitch: 2mm

  • Warp Cable:2mm

  • Cable Pitch:17mm

  • Weight: 6.63kg/m2

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Q:Three types of lightning protection building curtain wall how many meters do lightning protection
To do, three types of mine that is more than 60 meters to do lightning network, but less than 60 meters below the measures should be done to pull the mine, that is, in the parapet to do a pressure ring can be.
Q:Want to learn doors and windows curtain wall design. Do not know how long to learn?
Into a curtain wall company, in fact, half a year will be able to hand.
Q:What color curtains and bedspread would match my purple walls?
Depending on the shade of purple your walls are, there are many possibilities. I would suggest like a tan/cream color or pale yellow! However, if your walls are like royal purple, I wouldn't suggest yellow, but maybe a silver or sparkly bedspread and curtains. Hope this helps! (:
Q:Is there a class somewhere in NYC or oline on curtain walls?
Have you tried the CUNY community colleges or the board of ed for vocational courses.
Q:curtain wall instead of paint??
It is a great and simple way to add interest and texture to an area. Terrific idea! You could hit the bargain fabric bin at the fabric stores and mix and match for an even more modern look... not to mention cheaper.
Q:Stone wall concave and convex part of how to count
Stone curtain wall area, the stone protruding part should be calculated according to the expansion area, if the convex shape smaller, such as 100x100 small shape, stone panel dry hanging can not be completed, it is recommended that this shape alone calculated, the price calculated by the whole stone.
Q:Redecorating room- cant change curtains or paint walls-help?
Try changing your bedspread. It makes a huge diffrence. Also find cool lampshade and some modern pictures.
Q:From where can i get specifications of the thickness of curtain walls?
[Standard Guide for Evaluation of Exterior Building Wall Materials, Products, and Systems]
Q:What tests do you need to do with the fire sealant review between the curtain walls?
Fire glue also do? I did not do, just do a re-test of fire cotton. Glue only made sealant, structural glue! And fire glue did not buy, with a sealant to play!
Q:What is the curtain wall seal
Classification of measuring the line of the curtain wall construction in the measurement of the main line there are two: one is the new building curtain wall construction measurement line; the other is the old building renovation and expansion of the curtain wall construction measurement line.

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