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With our own technology skills developed since our foundation in the Meiji-era,
we will improve the stability and durability of our products.

“Phoenix” Series
Carbon Bonded Silicon Carbide Graphite Crucible

  • Reliable technology accumulated by research and development
    over a century.
  • Various product lines to meet various applications.
  • Different shapes and sizes available to meet
    customer needs and requirements.

Nippon Crucible has gained great popularity with its original technology accumulated over a century since its foundation in year 1985 as the first graphite crucible manufacturer in Japan, and made good reputation by satisfying a wide variety of customer needs today.
As the demands for higher quality, yield and reliability of non-ferrous metal products have been growing in recent years, the operating conditions of graphite crucible have increasingly been getting more diverse and severe. Thus, more stable use or higher durability of graphite crucible is desperately required.
To meet these demands, Nippon Crucible introduced the Cold Isostatic Press shaping system for improved quality assurance system. It also developed a new graphite crucible product called SUPER PHOENIX HP with substantially improved quality. The new product has proven to offer more stable and longer service life.


  1. 1. Thermal spalling resistance:
    Extremely higher resistance to rapid heating and cooling with less spalling.
  2. 2. Erosion resistance:
    Extremely higher resistance to metal or flux erosion with its uniform and dense structure.
  3. 3. Thermal shock resistance:
    Higher cold and hot strengths which assure safety handling.
  4. 4. Oxidation resistance:
    The improved base material and the newly developed special glaze provide the excellent oxidation resistance and remarkably longer service life.
  5. 5. Higher thermal conductivity:
    The high percentage of fixed carbon makes the material the higher thermal conduction which ensures shorter melting time and save fuel consumption.
  6. 6. No metal contamination:
    The base material has been strictly selected so that hardly any metal contamination during melting operation.
  7. 7. Stable quality:
    The Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) shaping system and the substantial quality assurance system maintain stable product quality.

Physical Properties:

Main Chemical
Compositions (%)
 F.C 30〜55
 SiC 30〜50
Apparent Porosity (%) 18〜24
Bulk Specific Gravity 1.80〜2.10
Thermal Conductivity (kcal/℃) 19.8〜52.3
Specific Electric Resistance (X-3Ωcm) 1.5〜6.0
Modulus of
Rupture (MPa)
 at.R.T. 6.9〜17.7
 at 1200℃ 4.9〜13.2
Weight Loss by oxidation (%) 1.0
Hot Thermal
Expansion Rate (%)
 at 800℃ 0.25〜0.35
*Figures listed here are typical and not guaranteed.

Various Shapes:

"D" shapes   Standard shapes   "T" shapes   "N" shapes    
"Bowl" shapes   "Pot shapes"    
"SP" shapes   Horizontal casting   Ladle bowls   Runner bricks (Standard bricks)   Runner bricks (Long bricks)

Precautions for crucible use:

Be careful when storing and transporting a crucible.
Select a crucible stand that meets the bottom diameter of a crucible and place it in the correct position.
Charge ingots carefully so as not to over-stuff the crucible.
Do not expose the crucible to the burner's flame.
Minimize the use of flux as much as possible.
Pay attention to the crucible while working. Attachment of remaining molten metal and oxides will cause a crucible to break.