Leading coil center in West Japan

Daiyu Steel, a leading coil center, which has been covering a large area in West Japan with head factory and 2 other factories in Sakaihama and Komatsu specializes in processing steel sheet from 40μm to 3.2mm. We not only operate as a manufacturing factory but also have the functions both of product quality management and of stock-distribution. These functions enable us to contribute to many different production industries and to help customers solve problems.

Processing function
Cuting rolled coil to fixed size to make steel sheet is processing function. Daiyu Steel supplies wide range of steel and processes accurate size as requested.
Product quality
Precise processing is a must. We also tightly manage the quality of steel sheet: once fault coil was found in the blast furnace, we immediately remove it. Daiyu Steel has also establised evaluation for this strict product quality management system.
Stock-Distribution function
To best utilize the optimal distribution function, Daiyu Steel is operating a systematic inventory adjustment and applying small lot-quick delivery in order to support customers' production activities. Moreover, we also have distribution department which enables us to have efficient delivery.

Processing function

Daiyu Steel responds to various kinds of demand with our main products:steel sheet from 40μm to 3.2mm

We are processing not only regular sized products but also sketch size as requested.
Monthly output of products from leveler processing, shearing processing and slit processing is 20.000 tons. We not only supply regular sized products but also undertake processing sketch size as requested by customers. In January 2011, a specialized factory for surface treatment steel sheet was established in Sakaihama. You could count on us!
We deal with variety of steel from regular to special steel sheet.
By intimate cooperation with blast furnace maker, we are supplying not only regular used steel sheet but also wide range of surface treatment steel sheet, for example: hot rolled steel sheet, cold rolled steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet (electrogalvanized steel sheet,hot-dip galvanized steel sheet), silicon,color, film coated steel sheet.
Commodities Usage
Hot rolled Steel Sheet Switch panel, for enameled
Cold rolled Steel Sheet Steel furniture, draiwing, deep drawing
Electric Galvernized steel sheet Switch panel, for home appliance
Hot Dip Galvernized steel sheet construction, home applicance, duct
Electric Galvernized steel sheet Chromate Free Heavy electric machinery, home appliance
Galuvalume Steel sheet construction, home applicance
Color Steel construction, home appliance (pre-coat)
Silicon Steel cut core, EI core

Stock-distribution function

Products are packed as requested by customers.

We are flexible in packing cut-sheet and steel strip with shapes as requested by customers. Moreover, we also collect and reuse wood pieces using for fastening steel sheet in delivery stage in order to protect environment.