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Colored Aluminum

Furukawa Colored Aluminum

From left: silver, white,cream, gold, stainless color, clear bronze, jet-black, bronze, neo-matt green.
Material: A3005 H24 and H26
Thickness: 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8mm
Coating: Polyester resin glazed
Certificate of incombustibility: Approved by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport NM-8597 (over 0.5mm) NM-8598 (0.3mm-0.5mm) siding

Features of Furukawa Colored Aluminum
Outstanding Durability
This aluminum is highly resistant to contamination, yellowing, wear, corrosion and weathering and is outstanding at maintaining its gloss due to its heat-hardened resin coat made through our unique film measure. The raw materials include aluminum alloy making it corrosion resistant in a variety of environments including coastal, industrial, and hot spring areas. This material resists corrosion even where the metal is exposed through the film peeling off on the edges and on worked or damaged areas. The corrosion takes an extremely long time and there is none of the red rust that you find on copper.
Beautiful surface
It is a smooth and stunning material with a soft color thanks to its raw materials including a smooth and beautiful silver-white aluminum. It feels most refined, particularly for light colors, and this look cannot be imitated with other metals. There is little scattering in the color or quality due to our continuous coating method.
The best workability
The film adheres to the metal well and even a radius bend on the JIS standard does not remove the film.
The best economy
There is a huge cost-cut compared to spray coating due to the continuous and high-speed production line.

Reference: Technical materials from Furukawa Sky Co. Ltd.

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Colored Aluminum stock list

Furukawa Aluminum stock list
Thickness (mm)  0.4 0.5 0.6 0.8
914 914 914 914
1M relative weight 1.03 1.28 1.53 2.03
Silver FW1005
Bronze FW401    
White FW114      
Cream FW301      
Gold FW2002      
Metallic brown FW6002      
Jet black        
Neon green        
Clear bronze        
Stainless colored        

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Heat-insulating aluminum

Heat-insulating aluminum coils

Heat-insulating aluminum coils
Standard:JIS H4000
Properties:A1050P H24 
Standard:Thickness 0.3mm~0.6mm Width 1000mm

Heat-insulating aluminum coils stock list
Thickness (mm) x Width (mm) Weight (kg) Weight for 1M(kg/m)
0.3 x 1000 x small coil 50   0.813
0.4 x 1000 x small coil 50
0.5 x 1000 x small coil 50
0.6 x 1000 x small coil 50

We may be missing the item of stock list. There also may be unforeseen changes to the content – we apologize for any inconvenience.

aluminum coils