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PVC Coated Eurofence

Euro Fence has been welded with electric welded wire mesh inner and with pvc coating finish, a corrugation situated in the middle of the line wires makes it looks beautiful,it usually be used for garden and parks.

Highly durable Holland welded wire mesh/PVC coated green color euro fence

PVC coated Euro fence is also known as dutch mesh or wave welded mesh or holland wire mesh, This high-quality pvc coated European fence can be used as ordinary fences, decoration or protection of poultry, puppy or garden, industry, farm, transportation and other facilities.

Green pvc coated euro fence uses high -quality wires, welded on each connection point. PVC coating not only makes the fence more beautiful, but also prevent rust, corrosion and ultraviolet radiation, and ensure long-term use.


PVC coated Euro fence application:

• Galvanized pvc coating euro fence is widely used in garden as the border barbed wire fence to prevent invaders from entering the garden.

• PVC galvanized coating Euro fence is used for decoration or protection of various facilities such as industrial, agricultural infrastructure transportation. It is a traditional and elegant fence, which is especially suitable for private houses, parks and gardens.

• PVC coated green color euro fence can also be used to protect farmland, factories, airports and other places.


PVC coated Euro fence features:

The welding pvc coating euro fence is a garden fence made of welding mesh. The structure of the welding network is strong and long-term, which can be used to protect flowers, vegetables, etc. in the garden. European fence is the most widely used and most common type in the garden. Other sizes can be customized according to your needs

• Euro fence advantage of corrosion resistance

• PVC coating surface treatment can improve corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

• Plastic rain caps can prevent rainwater from eroding pillars and extend the service life.

• Rich and colorful. The PVC coating surface can integrate the European fence and the surrounding environment.

• Powerful. The thicker line diameter and solid manufacturing technology make the European fence strong and durable.

• The pole and clip can keep the European fence in the position to improve the stability and stiffness.


Looking for high quality residence and garden fence or pvc coated eurofence from reliable manufacturer?

PVC coated Euro fence specs:

Surface treatment:

PVC coated euro fence (Galvanized wire inner then PVC coated outer)

Wire diameter: 1.5/1.9mm, 1.6/2.0mm, 1.65/2.05mm, 1.7/2.1mm, 

Opening Mesh Wire dia Height Length
mm mm cm m
75x50 1.6/2.0 60  
1.65/2.1 80 5
1.7/2.1 90 10
1.8/2.2 100 15
1.9/2.3 120 20
2.0/2.5 150 25
2.4/2.8 180  
Opening Mesh Wire dia Height Length
mm mm cm m
100x50 1.50/1.9 60  
1.55/2.0 80 5
1.6/2.0 90 10
1.7/2.1 100 15
1.8/2.3 120 20
1.9/2.3 150 25
2.0/2.5 180  
2.5/2.9 200  

1.8/2.2mm, 1.9/2.3mm, 2.0/2.4mm, 2.5/2.9mm ect.

Mesh size: 75x50mm, 100x50mm, 100x75mm, 100x100mm, 50x60mm, ect

Height of roll: 0.6-2.0m

Length of roll: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m

PVC coated Color: Green RAL6005, Grey RAL7016,

Black RAL9005, Brown RAL8017

Tensile strength of wires: 450-550N/mm2


PVC coated Euro fence advantages:

• Euro fence also called Holland fence. The fence is welded with high quality galvanized wire inside, with corrugation in the middle of the line wire, then PVC coating outside. 

• PVC Coated Eurofence can be used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture, infrastructure, transport, etc. 

• The eurofence and post are joined together with the special plastic clamp or high strength steel wire clamp. They are easy to install and very solid.


As a leading pvc coated euro fence supplier, European fences from Lanova are usually supplied by rolls, which can be cut into small pieces or any size without destroying the original structure. The installation of Lanova Eurofence is also very simple. Use an embedded or bolt method to fix the pillars on the soil or concrete floor, and fix the European fence on the column with a clip. All jobs are completed.


Packing details: 

With Plastic film wrapped.

With plastic cap on top and bottom of roll then wrapped with plastic film

With pallet or carton


Specification list Euro Fence

Opening Mesh Wire dia Height Length
mm mm cm m
100x75   60  
1.6/2.0 80 5
1.7/2.1 90 10
1.8/2.3 100 15
1.9/2.3 120 20
2.0/2.5 150 25
2.5/2.9 180  
Opening Mesh Wire dia Height Length
mm mm cm m
100x100   60  
1.6/2.0 80 5
1.7/2.1 90 10
1.8/2.3 100 15
1.9/2.3 120 20
2.0/2.5 150 25
2.5/2.9 180  


Forti Fence

Opening Mesh Wire dia Height Length
mm mm cm m
50x60   60  
  80 5
2.0/2.5 90 10
2.3/2.8 100 15
2.4/2.9 120 20
2.5/3.0 150 25


Each roll with plastic film absorbed

Carton packing,pallet packing or packing as per the customer's request



PVC Coated Eurofence Euro Fence
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PVC Coated Eurofence