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Steel Manhole Steps

DEKO is a manufacturer of Manhole Steps in China and has developed many sizes of manhole step irons for various applications to meet the needs of the utility industry.
Manhole Steps is also known as: Manhole Rungs, Manhole Step Irons, Ma Industries Steps.
Such as: Outside size 13x8 inch DIA Φ13 / 10x8 inch DIA Φ17 / 9x9 inch DIA Φ26 / 11x7 inch DIA Φ13 / 14x9 inch DIA Φ13 / 15x10 inch DIA Φ12.5

Manhole Steps Description


Manhole Steps Specifications

Material cast iron, plastic steel bar,plastic bar or SS 201/304/316
MOQMOQ 1000pcs
Packing wooden pallet or wooden case
Payment terms 50% deposit, the balance 50% by T/T ,D/P or L/C

Various Types of Manhole Steps for Your Application in Different Scenarios

15x10 inch steel manhole steps

14x9 inch plastic steel manhole steps

11x7 inch steel manhole steps

9x9 inch steel manhole steps

13x8 inch and 10x8 inch steel manhole steps

Some Notes and Suggestions for Manhole Steps Installation

Since there may be exceptional circumstances at the installation site that we do not know, our general instructions do not make us responsible for the final assembly of the steps.

You need to choose different types of Manhole Rungs according to the size of the site to match the Manhole Step Irons suitable for sewer and drainage systems and any other types of inspection chamber step irons in the urban sewage system.

The measures and anti-skid protection adopted by these Manhole Step Irons irons comply with the safety regulations applicable in all countries. These measures also allow drilling holes on the surface of the precast concrete without exceeding its average thickness.In the collection well, even if these steps are permanently immersed, we guarantee the quality of the materials used to manufacture the inspection chamber step irons without any pollution or oxidation.

Manhole Steps packaging diagram

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Steel Manhole Steps