Press plate

Press plate is a shaft of laminated press mold and is widely used in each product manufactures. There are various characteristics which is demanded to a create coating for purpose. ( Releasable, Durability and so on) About other based molds, we respond to complex and high accuracy requests like Lenticular lens.
Various materials are used. In our company, we sale materials the following just two types.





All of the above have high strength more than metal materials and it can use just as materials(1.improving releasable 2. It is expected laminated amount UP by thinned steel sheet) In addition, we devise our original processing methods according to user needs. As a result, we receive critical acclaim. The following is a comparison about each patterns and characteristics.

A characteristic comparison of press plate materials

Material hardness Proof stress thermal expansion coefficient Peculiar electric resistance Corrosion resistance
NSS431DP-2 360 985 10.3 78
NSS1500SP 470 1590 10.3 55
SUS304 160 284 17.3 72
アルミニウム 150 85 23.5 2.69


Wafer ring

Wafer ring is called “Dancing so frame”. Possible to support small lot. We receive orders of barcode marking for management.

Product outline

製品品番 Model サイズ
Non Coated
N-510 H-510 5 195(+0,-0.4) 214 1.2 1.0
N-612 H-612 6 212(+0,-0.8) 228 1000 1.2
N-812 H-812 8 276(+0,-1.0) 296 250 1.2
N-815 H-815 8 276(+0,-1.0) 296 250 1.5
N-1212 N-1212 12 380(+0,-1.0) 440 350 1.2
N-1215 H-1215 12 380(+0,-1.0) 440 350 1.5

Product specification

Electroless deposition
More than HRC50
Corrosion resistance
Brine spray test (finish plating)
Surface roughness
Less than 3s

Please feel free to contact us about last coating etc of products. We receive other requests about special products. We have our achievement in a major semiconductor product maker. an example: Barcode for product management (laser marking)


Hard plate

It is used our cement plate as paper cutting plate. The material is used by special stainless steels and releasable is widely up in contrast with conventional SUS304


Until 0.5~3.0mm (It is different for cages depends on steel type, so please ask us about that)


DP-2 Steel type is used as stainless plates is the most popular in SUS304, but hardness of DP-2 is more than twice. Of cause, the durability is more than twice as well. Unexpectedly the price is reasonable. We help the cost down.
1500SP We tried to up the strength than 1500SP DP-2.
STH-HT It has been hard by deep cool processing. The flatness is the best in hardness plates.

Our plate’s feature

1.It is more than twice as hard as SUS304

  • ①The durability is perfect. (see below)
  • ②When you don’t use it, don’ worry about wrap even if store against the wall.
  • ③It is excellent in a dent and usually it is going to be a dimpling half size of SUS304 or less than that one.

2.Especially a flatness of DP-2・NSSST is good, so it is possible to make a great shape of that.

conventional steels our steel
Characteristics Unit SUS304 SUS630 DP-2 1500SP STH-HT
Chemical component mass% 18Cr-8Ni 17Cr-7Ni-Al 16cr-2Ni 16Cr-4Ni-C・N 16Cr-6Ni+special elements
Density g/mm³ 7.93 7.67 7.73 7.75 7.95
Hardness Hs 26 62 52 64 65
Bearing (N/mm²) 285 985 1500 826
Tenure of life 304 standard 1 6 3 6 7


  • 1

    You can get just as raw materials.

  • 2

    If you consider as parts, we process shapes with a burr treatment method and then, we will deliver them. If you don’t have a diagram date, we are going to visit to measure. We are entirely at your service.

  • 3

    You can order from one sheet.


After order, we will ship the following process.

  • 1

    razor clean cut or turret punching

  • 2

    circumference removing edge

  • 3



Stainless mirror

In our company, we are engaged in selling stainless mirrors doing business with NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation of development stainless. There are the following features as compared with SUS304 mirror.

  • 1

    There is just a little distortion even if it’s thin.

  • 2

    It is hard to be damaged to have a surface strength.

  • 3

    Never broken

  • 4


Stainless mirrors had been existed since a long time ago with a focus on 18-8line (SUS304). It was very expensively. A demand was limited because of some disadvantages like it is easy to be damaged. So, the productivity became bad. However, in about DP-2, ①it is not easy to be damage by a high strength ②products of a good flatness were developed even if it was thin, so infinite possibilities expanded and the price was almost as much as level of a glass mirror. In recent years, an excellent reflectivity was approved and the adoption are required optical elements were getting to increase.

example:Medical equipment, each inspection machines, measuring instruments, DVC, Rear-projector, Reflector・・・etc
As noted above, in the products we cannot. We respond various needs.
1.Rh plating → top coating
2.Aluminum evaporation
3.Aluminum → top coating

DP-2 mirror texture Rh/top coat Aluminum evaporation Aluminum/top
1.reflectance about 65% about 85% about 93% about 88%
2.Spectral characteristic Strong red (darkly reflection) Little strong red Collar balance goodness Collar balance goodness
3.Surface hardness ○ Hv380 about 85% × Don’t touch by hands △ Just wipe, it’s okay.


Ra=arithmetic average roughnessRy=maximum heightRz=10 point average roughnesstp=hard growth rateRMS=square root average roughness

Comparison of SUS304 mirror is an object of NO.8 finished mirror which is used by building materials.

Please refer to the following each comparison of data. (DP-2 is an abbreviation for NSS431DP-2 of development steel types of NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation)

comparison of glass mirror and DP-2

standard DP-2stainless mirror glass mirror
1.a manufacturing process DP-2 stainless is making up last 800 class by a whetstone and twice buff polishing t deposits iron, aluminum and hydrargyrum and peel on that.
It is often coated with inhibitor. not broken broken
3.Weight A weight saving is possible by thinning down the plate thickness The plate thickness is 5.0mm (a full-length) is a standard One sheet is 12.5kg
4.thin can provide until 0.4mm 1mm is limit
5.Reflection Because of direct reflection, an image exactly is reflected. Because of back side reflection, a visible image is reflected light.
6.reflection about 65 % about 95%
7.Environment recycle is easy(100%) stainless single material not possible recycle glass and metal mixture span semi permanent depends on places
9.processing It is easy to process any forms difficulty
10.Distortion enough thickness is necessary for a big of era Good (about compare with stainless)
11.Damage bad (but maintenance is not problem) Good
12.Brightness It is unfit for making up for women because it is dark. But DP-2 has antiglare, it is going to be good in case of inside. It is suitable for interior because it is bright

If you try to do coating skill, we can resolve about the damage and the brightness.

Comparison between DP-2 mirror with 18-8 mirror

Comparison between mechanically with material

Item New material(DP-2) Conventional material(SUS304) Explanation
Strength(N/㎜²) 985 285 Strength is the force at the moment when compositional deformation starts when external force is applied. In other words, DP-2 will not deform unless it is applied three times as much as 304. DP-2 mirror is OK to a board thickness of 0.4 mm. Even with 304 you can make a 0.4 mm, but with a slight force it will immediately distort the image.
Pulling power(N/㎜²) 985 285 Strength is the force at the moment when compositional deformation starts when external force is applied. In other words, DP-2 will not deform unless it is applied three times as much as 304. DP-2 mirror is OK to a board thickness of 0.4 mm. Even with 304 you can make a 0.4 mm, but with a slight force it will immediately distort the image.
Pulling power(N/㎜²) 985 285 As it has a hardness of 2.5 times, it is hard to get scratched, and it does not get scratched if it is wiped with a cloth. 304 is difficult to maintain.
specific gravity 7.73 7.93 It is a little but light.
thermal expansion coefficient(×10-⁶) 10.3 17.3 Because thermal expansion is small, thermal image distortion is also good for comparison with 304.
Structure Minute Grit DP-2 is finished by special heat treatment, which has a very fine structure.
Thanks to this organization, a beautiful mirror surface is obtained.
Corrosion resistant Good Good We did a salt spray test (5% NaCl, 35 ° C) for 2000 hours, but we were not inferior at all.
Wrap Little A lot DP-2 has the feature of low elongation and good blade separation. As shown in the figure below, 304 causes the image to be distorted during cutting because the edges are stretched.
Ferromagnetic Have Not have DP-2 is ferromagnetic. If the side to be attached is made of steel, just sandwich the magnet plate and it's OK. No adhesive is required.

comparison with punching molding

our products example

stainless mirror

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