PVC Coated Wire for Fences

PVC coated wire is applied in the manufacture of fencing.

The double protection of this wire (zinc plating followed by PVC overlay), gives it a corrosion protection, crucial for its use in high-strength nets, used outdoors and subject to weather conditions.

The most commonly used colour is RAL6005 green, and others are available upon request


Loose plastic mesh networks

Plastic barbed wire



NP EN 10218-2 – Wires and wire drawing – Wire sizes and tolerances

NP EN 10244-2 – Wires and drawn steel products – Zinc or zinc alloy coatings

NP EN 10245-2 – Wires and drawn products from steel – PVC coated wires

Technical Characteristics

Diameter (mm) Tensile strength (MPa)Soft wire Tensile strength (MPa)Bright wire Zinc Layer (g/m²)Commercial Zinc Layer (g/m²) Heavy
1,80/2,80 400 to 550 685 to 885 30 to 40 205 to 215
2,20/3,30 400 to 550 585 to 885 40 to 50 215 to 255
2,50/3,60 400 to 550 585 to 885 40 to 50 215 to 255

There are other references, specifications and colors according to which the plastified wire can be produced, upon consultation made by the customer.


Nominal Diameter (mm) Internal Diameter (mm) ∅ int. Height (mm) H Weight (kg)
400 800 or 900 800 to 900 600 or 800

*Product characteristics and packaging can be adjusted to the standards and/or specifications used by each customer.

PVC Coated Wire