RP Graphite Electrode

Advantages of RP graphite electrodes

The RP graphite electrode refers to the regular power graphite electrode.

Low ash, the ash content no more than 0.3%;

Low thermal expansion coefficient, less breakage, and low consumption;

High thermal shock resistance, low crushing and fracture rates;

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Basic characteristics & Detail features

1. The RP graphite electrode of the Rongsheng Group uses high-quality petroleum coke, needle coke, and coal pitch as raw materials. Low ash, strong oxidation resistance, and low electrical resistivity.

2. High processing precision, high pre-assembly, and precision of graphite electrode body and nipple.

3. Strict inspection of finished products, each step is not sloppy, graphite electrode products have a high pass rate.

Technical Properties of RP graphite electrodes

The surface quality of RP graphite electrode

1. There should be less than two defects or holes on the electrode surface, the max size of which is mentioned in the below chart(Surface quality of RP graphite electrode, defects are within the allowable range).

2. There should be no transverse crack on the electrode surface. For the longitudinal crack, the length should be less than 5% of the electrode circumference and the width between 0.3-1.0mm.

3. The width of the black area on the electrode surface should be less than 1/10 of electrode circumference and the length less than 1/3 of the electrode.