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Steel Building Prices

Steel buildings are an attractive option for a variety of reasons. Often lower in cost and quicker to assemble than other materials, metal constructions are versatile, durable and perfectly suited to companies and businesses in a number of sectors.

From agricultural structures to commercial units, steel buildings can provide business owners and administrators with an affordable, resilient and adaptable option.

Although it is difficult to provide completely accurate price guides without specifications, on this page we aim to outline some of the costs involved with steel buildings in order to provide at least a basic budgetary guideline.

If you are interested in finding out more about steel building costs then keep reading this page; if you are interested in farm buildings specifically then our agricultural building prices page may be useful.

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Steel Buildings Cost by Weight

Weight is one way of measuring or estimating the cost of a steel building and is the leading material pricing benchmark for many suppliers. The price you receive will usually include the cost of the steel, alongside the other services and factors: design, delivery, offloading and construction.

Because the other factors will vary from project to project, two buildings that weigh the same may cost different amounts, depending on the estimated cost for additional services or features; the cost could also be further impacted if the specification calls for windows or specific material cladding, for example.

Given the nature of steel buildings and of suppliers, estimating steel building costs by weight is likely to be more useful when budgeting for a large storage or industrial construction.

Building Type (London) 1 Tonne 2 Tonne 3 Tonne
Storage Building £1,550 £3,100 £4,650
Bespoke Industrial Building £1,800 £3,600 £5,400
Retail or Office Building £2,000 £4,000 £6,000

These costs are approximate based on average regional costs. The best way to get an accurate quote is to talk to a supplier.

Building Type (Other Regions) 1 Tonne 2 Tonne 3 Tonne
Storage Building £1,400 £2,800 £4,200
Bespoke Industrial Building £1,700 £3,400 £5,100
Retail or Office Building £1,800 £3,600 £5,400

These costs are an approximate guide to estimated cost by weight and building design type. Remember that these costs may not include all of the features that you need included in your steel building

A bespoke industrial steel building with little design repetition could cost around £1,800 per tonne in London; a regional price would likely be less, with the same building type costing around £1,700 per tonne.

A distribution or storage building with a large span or with trusses could cost around £1,550 in London, or £1,400 in other regions. A retail or office building could be priced at around £2,000 per tonne in London, or at around £1,800 in other regions.

The differences in the prices above reflect the impact that design has upon steel building costs - the more bespoke design, detail, planning or testing needed, the more it is likely to cost.

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Steel Frame Buildings Cost by Square Metre

Because weight is so important to steel costing, and because the complexity of your building’s design will impact the price directly, it is difficult to estimate even rough costs by dimension. However, it is possible to provide some average measurement costs that can be expanded to create a rough building estimate.

A steel frame building without cladding will cost around £35 per square metre. For a steel framed building that is galvanised rather than painted you can add on around 20% to the original cost, making it around £42 per square metre.

A single skin building with a corrugated cladding system and insulated lining will cost between £40 and £45 per square metre, or as much as £200 per metre for a material like Alucobond.

Construction Type 1 Sq Metre 100 Sq Metre 1000 Sq Metre
Steel Frame Building £35 £3,500 £35,000
Steel Frame Building with Cladding £40 £4,000 £40,000
Galvanised Steel Frame Building £42 £4,200 £42,000

These prices are an approximate guide to estimated cost by sqm and material specifications. Remember that these costs may not include all of the features that you may need included in your steel building.

The table above can help you to understand what sort of cost you may encounter if you are aware of the dimensions you require; however, it’s important to remember that these prices will not be accurate in every case, depending on the features you need. It is also worth bearing in mind that, at higher volumes, you may get materials or some services at a discounted rate, although this will depend entirely on your supplier.

Given the nature of suppliers and steel building construction, estimating cost by square metre is likely more appropriate for smaller, simpler designs, like garden, household or miscellaneous storage buildings.

The best way to discover how much you will be paying is to fill in the form at the top of this page to get quotes from top UK suppliers in your area.

Structural Steel Prices

Structural steel is an integral part of the construction industry and forms the backbone of a huge range of buildings from any number of sectors.

Structural steel, as the name suggests, supports the integrity of a steel building; not only used with this form of cladding, though - structural steel can also be used to shape building clad with other materials - brick or wood buildings, for example, can also be formed using a steel frame.

As with the other sections on this page, estimating the exact cost of structural steel is difficult, as prices often depend on your location, requirements, and also on the complexity or form of the structural steel.

Structural steel is used to design a complete building frame; the main components include: beams, HSSs, channels, angles and plates.

Each of these components performs a specific function and is designed differently; as such, prices will differ from piece to piece.

Structural Steel Beam Dimensions Price Average cost for 8 metres
127x76x13 £25-£35 per metre £240
152x152x23 £55-£65 per metre £480
152x152x30 £65-£75 per metre £560

These costs are approximate - for a more accurate price, speak to a supplier.

Structural Steel 5mm Angle Length Price Average cost for 8 angles
1.5 metres £4-£12 £64
3 metres £10-£25 £140
6 metres £20-£50 per metre £280

These costs are approximate - for a more accurate price, speak to a supplier.

Structural Steel Channel Length Price Average cost for 8 channels
1.5 metres £10-£50 £240
3 metres £30-£120 £600
6 metres £55-£80 £540

These costs are approximate - for a more accurate price, speak to a supplier.

Although these tables alone may not be able to provide you with an accurate, total cost estimate for your structural steel building, it can give you some idea as to some of the prices that you may expect to find.

For a more complete price guide that includes material to fit your specifications, complete the form at the top of this page.

How Much Do Steel Buildings Cost?

The cost of your steel building depends on various factors. The weight and size of each section, the shape and form of the beams, the complexity of the overall design and the location of the building will all impact the final price.

In addition to the structural considerations, it is also important to consider the features that you would like implemented; extras like doors, roller-shutters, windows and insulation will all need to be included in your budget along with labour costs for groundwork, delivery and assembly if they are required.

As with the rest of the construction industry, the prices of the various components Build can vary by area and region with certain areas costing either more or less for services, materials or features.

To get a better idea on how much you may need to spend on your steel building, take into account some of the information covered in the sections below. For an even clearer idea, fill in the form at the top of this page to receive quotes from professional suppliers.

The sections below illustrate some of the ways that a steel building budget can be planned, with cost by weight and cost by square metres both common costing examples. Below there are also sections considering cost by purpose, with certain dimensions and building types being common enough to provide an average cost estimate.

If you feel that your budget will not stretch far enough to cover a brand new steel building, then there is also information about cheaper options, with second-hand constructions available from suppliers across the UK.

Understanding Your Budget

As there are a number of factors, features and services potentially involved in the cost of your steel building, it may help to understand where exactly your money will be paying for.

As a guide, you can usually split the cost of a steel building into:

  • Material - 30%
  • Engineering - 5%
  • Fabrication - 35%
  • Priming - 8%
  • Delivery - 2%
  • Erection - 20%

Of course, these costs can vary from project to project and other factors can impact the final price: for example, if you intend to erect the steel building yourself then you can deduct that cost; likewise, if you can transport the materials yourself then you could remove or reduce the cost of delivery.

As a rule you can expect for the steel itself to equate to around one third of the overall cost, with other factors attributing the other 60-70% of the final price.

To get a better example of exactly how much you might be paying, just complete our quick and easy form at the top of this page.

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Metal Storage Building Prices

Whatever size you are looking for, a metal storage building is an affordable and resilient option, and with so many varieties available you can be sure that you will be able to find the perfect fit.

If you already know what you will be storing then you will probably have some idea as to the dimensions that you will need your construction to be. However, as mentioned above, it is difficult to estimate a final price based on dimension alone. If you are looking to purchase a storage shed, then you will likely be interested in weather-proofing and other extras that will ensure the safety and of the items that you are storing, but will cost more.

For many storage options, there are likely to be options readily available and many suppliers will be able to recommend specific styles, dimensions and construction options. Farm equipment and vehicles, for example, will have a variety of common features that most suppliers will be aware of.

If the steel building only needs to be big enough to store gardens or miscellaneous items then you could expect to pay between £100 and £200. If you need storage for a bike or for mid-sized equipment then you might pay somewhere between £400 and £1,000, depending on the size needed.

If, however, you need a larger storage building, for farm equipment or larger vehicles for example, then you can expect to pay more again. Using the tables above is a good way to get a rough idea of cost, based on the size of items you are looking to store. As an example of a larger storage option: an open storage shed, which is 15 metres wide, 4.5 metres long and 3 metres high, will cost between £5,000 and £6,000, usually falling at around £5,500.

  • Small storage shed (for garden equipment or miscellaneous items) - £100 to £200
  • Medium storage shed (for mid-sized equipment or small vehicles) - £400 to £1,000
  • Large storage shed (for large equipment or vehicles) - £1,000+ - see the tables above

When estimating the price of your metal storage shed, it is also worth bearing in mind the services you will require. A smaller shed will require less assembly and may not require any groundwork - indeed, for some smaller storage sheds it will be possible for you to carry out the construction yourself without the help of professionals. If you think this might be the case then you can reduce the estimated cost, remembering that assembly equates to around 20% of the total price.

For more information on the options available, visit our steel storage shed page.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Prices

Pre-engineered, or prefabricated, steel buildings offer huge advantage in terms of construction speed, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Using a prefabricated steel construction can often save time, which will in turn lead to a saving in labour costs; additionally, if you are intending to use the new construction as a workspace, then you will be able to do so quicker than you would using other construction materials or methods.

Depending on the level of customisation required in your building, you can normally expect a pre-engineered steel building to cost around the same as the prices listed in the tables above. This may not include all of the features that you require, though, and may not take into account your location or the groundwork required, so you will need to ask about these things specifically when you talk with your supplier.

Given the versatility offered by steel buildings, as well as the options for extras - including windows, insulation, etc. - a pre-engineered steel building is an excellent choice for a variety of building types, industries and purposes. Many businesses use prefabricated buildings as temporary or permanent office space, and prefab buildings have even become popular options for affordable housing.

Industrial Steel Buildings Cost

An industrial steel building may cost more than some of the steel buildings already mentioned on this page. In most cases an industrial steel building will have a particular purpose, and so it will likely need to be equipped with specific features.

A permanent steel industrial building will need to be weather-proofed, for example, and if vehicles need to be loaded or unloaded then it will also require an entrance or loading bay suitable for that purpose. As above, all of these extras will impact directly on the final price of your construction, so it is important to bear them in mind throughout your estimation and quote process.

If you are not yet sure about the dimensions you want your building to be, or about the extra features that you will need, then getting a quote from a supplier is the best way to go. The steel buildings cost by square metre table above may be helpful as a rough guide, but without speaking directly to a supplier you may be unable to come up with any definitive answers.

A large industrial building will almost always cost more than £1,000, with some options costing between £10,000 and £30,000 depending on the size and required features. For example, a warehouse unit with two roller-shutter doors that is 9 metres wide, 15 metres long and 5 metres high will cost between £18,500 and £19,500, depending on location and labour costs.

If you are looking to purchase a simple industrial steel building with a single roller door, then you can use the following information to roughly estimate costs:

  • 6 metre by 6 metre (36 sq metres) - £4800 to £5500
  • 6 metre by 10 metre (50 sq metres) - £6000 to £7000
  • 8 metre by 12 metre (96 sq metres) - £8800 to £9500
  • 10 metre by 14 metre (140 sq metres) - £11,500 to £12,500
  • 10 metre by 20 metres (200 sq metre) - £14,000 to £15,000

These prices are all estimates, and may not be the same in every region or for every supplier - they also will not necessarily include all of the extras that you need included in your steel construction. However, these margins offer an approximate guide as to the price you might expect to pay at certain sizes.

Because an industrial steel building is often more complex than the smaller size options discussed on this page, estimating a price is difficult. Getting quotes using your specifications and requirements is the best way to find an accurate estimate.

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Metal Garage Building Costs

A metal garage offers a number of advantages over other traditional material options. As mentioned in previous sections, using steel is a cost-effective way to get a durable construction with lower assembly costs and construction times than other materials.

For a single steel garage - suitable for one vehicle - with single skin steel cladding, anti-condensation coating and rainwater goods you can expect to pay between £2,000 and £3,000, with the average falling at around £2,500. You could expect this building to be around 5 metres long and 2.5 metres wide with roller-shutter door large enough for your vehicle.

A double sized steel garage for two vehicles and with the same extra features as above will normally cost between £3,500 and £4,500, with £4,000 being the average. This building will be around 6 metres long and 6 metres wide, with roller-shutter doors for each vehicle.

For a triple sized garage that is 10 metres wide, 6 metres long and 4.5 metres high - for three vehicles, or fewer with extra storage - you can expect to pay between £11,000 and £12,000, with £11,600 being the average.

Garage Capacity Average Dimensions Roller-Shutter Door? Average Price
1 5 m x 2.5 m (12.5sqm) Yes x1 £2,500
2 6m x 6m (66sqm) Yes x2 £4,000
3 10m x 6m (60sqm) Yes x3 £11,600

For each of these garage options, roller-shutter doors are included, with one entrance in the single, two in the double and three in the triple. Of course, if you have any other additions you would like included then this can be arranged for an added cost.

To get a more definite quote based on your specifications and requirements, you should complete the form at the top of this page.

Commercial Metal Building Costs

Metal buildings can be used in all sorts of commercial sectors, from retail outlets to office space. Thanks to the utility and range of features on offer, it is possible to get a steel building in the size that you require for your commercial purpose, whether you need a small and simple construction to use as a semi-permanent market stall, or a medium to large office space. Metal and prefabricated constructions have become an excellent way for business owners and administrators to create workspaces that suit their needs.

The tables above could be helpful if you have some idea as to the building dimensions that you will require but, just as with industrial buildings, a commercial building will likely require extra features. Things like insulation, windows and heating could be needed, and so to get an accurate estimate that includes these details you should discuss your specifications and requirements with a supplier.

In any case, steel buildings are often a cheaper option than other material constructions, and the ease of assembly means that they are viable option for any business, whether they need long or short-term accommodation.

Second-Hand Metal Buildings Prices

A used metal building is a good option for anyone looking for a more affordable construction. A second-hand steel building boasts the same advantages as have been found in other sections, but at a cheaper rate.

Versatility and speed of assembly are still notable benefits, but there is also the added environmental bonus - as with any other form of recycling, using a used steel construction is better for the environment than buying one new.

Of course, it is worth bearing in mind that a used building is likely to be more weathered than a brand new one; this could impact on the building’s resilience and you may be forced to pay more in upkeep in the long term. However, you can feel confident that Approved Index’s suppliers will only sell second-hand steel constructions that are safe and fully-operational.

It is worth discussing your options with a supplier if you are not sure which options is going to be the best for you. If you need a temporary steel building for any reason, then a used purchase may be the best option as the building’s resilience is unlikely to be called into question in a short time.

As with the other sections above, the cost of your used metal building will vary depending on the required dimensions and features - and even though the building is second-hand, you will still need to factor in the other costs, like delivery and assembly.

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Steel Building Construction Costs

As mentioned at the top of this page, the costs of your steel building will be split, with only around 30% of the cost going toward the material. You can expect assembly and construction to account for between 20% and 40% of the bill.

Take a look at the following sections to find out a little more about the construction costs.


As with any other construction material, a building made of steel will require suitable foundations; although this may not be much of a concern if you are looking to purchase a small storage space or garage, it almost certainly will be requirement if you need a larger steel construction.

As with other features listed on this page, the cost of groundwork will depend on other factors, with labour costs and location being just as important as the amount of space that needs working on. For some of the examples listed above, groundwork will already be included, but it is worth bearing in mind in any case, as sometimes it may be a separate consideration.

As a rough guide for a concrete foundation, you might expect to pay between £55 and £70 per sq metre, depending on the considerations mentioned above. It is possible to complete this work internally if you are able, although then you will need to factor in material costs, equipment rental and labour if you are going to do so.

It is also important to bear in mind the integrity of your foundations when you do this work; having the groundwork professionally checked is the best way to ensure that it will be safe enough and of the standard required to support the steel construction you are planning to erect.

Assembly Costs

Including delivery, steel building assembly costs normally equate to between 20% and 25% of the final cost. As with groundworks, these costs are included in most of the prices listed on this page, but it is worth bearing in mind the percentages if you are working out an estimated budget.

If you intend to deliver the materials to your own location or if you intend to construct the building with your own team, then you can safely remove some of the expense from the prices above.

If you require extra features in your steel construction, whether in the form of windows, insulation or extra entrances, you will need to specify this during the consultation process. Any additional feature that you need will be reflected in the price, with some of these add-ons potentially adding aspects to the assembly process which will require more labour or more time.

As we have mentioned already - however you intend to deal with the steel building construction process, you should speak to our suppliers to get as clear an idea of cost as possible.

Compare Steel Buildings Prices

This page provides a number of options for those looking to purchase a new or second-hand steel building, whatever industry or sector you operate in. Although the prices listed here are based on past sales and average costs, it is worth bearing in mind that the price you pay could differ, depending on your exact specifications.

The best way to get an accurate quote that reflects your final cost is to speak with suppliers. Approved Index can help here. We only work with top UK companies that can offer excellent services and products that will match your specifications.

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