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Durable foundation construction starts with high-quality materials. SSAB produces world-class steel piles, retaining walls and pressure pipes that deliver on performance and peace of mind. To us, partnering with customers means committing to prompt delivery and consulting with you during the design and execution stages as needed.

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Ensuring your success at every step

When you buy steel from SSAB, you get first-rate piling products that are responsibly produced and delivered on time. You also get a partner you can consult during design and execution. Our design tools for steel piles help you get optimal results, and our teams are always ready to help you find the best solution.

Steel piles right for your project

SSAB offers a versatile range of steel pile dimensions so you get the optimal size, steel grade and length for your project. Piles are installed with driven or drilled technology and come in diameters of 76.1–1220 mm (3.0–40.0 in.) and thicknesses of 6.3–23 mm (0.25–0.91 in.). Our steel grades made for piling are up to S550J2H.

RR® and RD® micropiles
Large diameter piles
RD® casings: thin walled non-bearing casings installed by drilling

Retaining walls with higher resistance

Traditional retaining walls are often cast in place and labor intensive. The smarter choice is retaining walls from SSAB based on steel piles. Our walls have higher resistance against vertical loads than regular sheet pile walls and feature excellent bending stiffness. Our RD® pile wall is designed specifically for challenging conditions and faster implementation.

RD® pile wall: For difficult ground conditions
Combi wall: Retaining walls based on steel pipes

Pressure pipes for water mains, district heating and cooling

Our steel water mains are a reliable and cost-effective solution for drinking water and for sewage. We ensure the long life of our pressure pipes by using an external polyethylene coating and an internal concrete or epoxy layer suitable for drinking water. Joints can be made by welding or using flanges and couplings.

Water mains Long-lasting steel pipes
Spirally welded pipes: For industries, heating and cooling

Your consultant for design and execution

At SSAB, we’re dedicated to making your project a success. Our technical support team can help you with calculations and provide product training. Our experts are ready to help you with any challenges and find the best solutions to support your business.

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6 reasons to choose Tubular products from SSAB

Consistent quality

Improve sustainability

Increase payload

Own steel

Reduce weight

Save time

EPD – An important tool in your sustainability work

What is the environmental impact of steel piles and pressure pipes throughout the whole lifecycle? You can find this out in SSAB’s environmental product declarations, EPDs.


Ready to download

Download our materials on steel piles and pressure pipes. Choose from installation and design manuals, instructions, certificates and brochures

Calculators and design tool

Use our RRPileCalc and PileWallCalc software to calculate cross-section properties and resistances of SSAB steel piles and pile walls. Ready-made components for Tekla Structures and AutoDesk REVIT make 3D modeling of structures fast and easy.


Join our experts and learn more about SSAB’s tubular steel offering with our online training. You’ll also get on-demand access to recorded webinars and more information about tubular products in a downloadable format.

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Jun 17 2022

SSAB’s Steel Pile Day 2022 event in Oslo attracted foundation professionals to come together

Once again, there was excitement in the air as tube production and steel piles were introduced at SSAB’s Steel Pile Day “StålPeleDag” 2022 event in Oslo, Norway. Holberg Terrace course and conference center brought parties interested in the foundation industry: piling contractors, designers and sales and technical support for SSAB's pile products in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Jun 9 2022

RRs270 pile size is suitable for replacing RR320 pile size

RRs270 pile size made of S550 steel grade offers more lightweight and more sustainable alternative for RR320 pile size. In addition, the mechanical splices of RRs270 fasten the installation and lower the cost for splicing.

Jun 9 2022

Updates for RRPileCalc and PileWallCalc

Calculation programs for SSAB pile products have updated. Several improvements in both programs make calculations more accurate and help designers by offering more detailed results.