Copper mesh is a square weave mesh that is woven together by copper wires, which helps provide a good electrical and thermal conductivity.  Copper is a very malleable and soft material which makes it easy to shape for many different uses.  Copper mesh can also be used as an electromagnetic interference, as well as being used as a shield for radio frequency interferences.  Many different industries also use copper mesh for filtration and separation.

Copper mesh is very well known to provide a sign of wealth and prestige that is why you will usually see copper mesh in a variety of decorative house facades in construction.  It is also used for durable plastering reinforcement material for ceilings and walls.

Copper wire mesh is one of the popular metals used because of its flexibility making it a great material for many industries. Its reddish-orange hue also makes it a nice choice in the architectural industry. Copper is resistant to corrosion caused by weather or atmospheric conditions, which also makes copper a great choice in telecommunication. The copper wire mesh melting point is set at 1083C. Copper is excellent for electric and thermal conductivity as well as ductility.

Copper wire mesh’s very nice color can create practical and decorative uses for homes and businesses, including fireplace screens, insect screens, gutter screens, and ways to protect your garden from pests including snails.

Lawrence Sintered Metals offers commercially pure copper wire mesh that is over 99% pure copper. Contact us for a quote for your next copper wire mesh needs.