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Everything you Need to Know about Steel Frame Buildings

What are Steel Frame Buildings?

Steel frame buildings are metal structures, consisting of horizontal steel beams and vertical columns, welded together in a rectangular grid to support floors, walls and roofs of buildings. Steel frame structures are used to form the ‘skeletal frame’ which a building is then constructed around.


Understanding Steel Frame Construction

A steel frame structure can be used in any of the following applications:

  • High rise buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Residential buildings


There are three primary types of steel frame construction:

  • Light gauge steel – which uses light gauge steel products instead of timber studs.
  • Bolted steel – with all components fabricated off-site and bolted in place when on-site.
  • Steel fabrication – all steel products fabricated off-site, cut, drilled and welded together.


Baker Steel Trading use the process of structural steel fabrication when constructing steel framed structures for our clients.

Advantages of a Steel Frame Building

Steel buildings are proving a popular choice for builders across the UK. Many people are seeing the benefits of using structural steel as a building material, due to its incredible strength and versatility.

If you’re planning on using steel frame buildings for a new construction project, our list of advantages should hopefully prove helpful to you.

  1. Steel is a robust alloy

Steel is significantly tougher and stronger than most other building materials, making it ideal to form the skeletal frame of buildings that rely on durability and imperviousness to damage over time.

  1. A steel frame building is structurally sound

Steel can withstand all kinds of stresses and pressures. Whether this is through excessive human use or external environmental conditions, structural steel will never be compromised in terms of its structural integrity. It is much less permeable than other materials like concrete or timber.

  1. Steel buildings are weather resistant

Buildings are exposed to varying weather conditions all throughout their lifespans. Structural steel frame buildings can withstand humidity, snowfall, rain, storms and other hash climactic conditions without breaking. Steel is a highly resistant material which can bend without cracking, and it takes an unnaturally large load for it to bend in the first place.

To make structural steel beams even stronger, you can apply corrosion-protective coatings of zinc or primers which also help to enhance its lifespan. Read more about steel finishing.

  1. Steel frame buildings are self-supporting

Steel’s strength-to-weight ratio is high, meaning it can be a superb self-supporting material for buildings. When handled by professional structural steel fabricators, steel frames don’t require any additional pillars, columns or beams to support it, making them ideal for buildings that need huge, open interiors. Therefore, structural steel is a logical choice.

You can read more about other uses of structural steel here.

  1. They last an incredibly long time

Steel buildings are strong and durable, and can last decades longer than other types of buildings and hold their value better too. In terms of strength, they outperform other buildings significantly.

  1. Steel is reusable and eco-friendly

Structural steel can be used multiple times without its strength, ductility or malleability being compromised. The properties of steel never wane over time, even after being recycled many times. It’s resistant to corrosion, rust and oxidation too and therefore won’t deteriorate. Structural steel I beams, columns and plates are some of the most recycled products on the planet, therefore using them drastically reduces environmental impact.

It’s clear to see that steel frame construction offers some remarkable benefits. With such a wide variety of applications and methods of construction, it only makes sense that you use structural steel buildings as part of your next development.

Steel Frame Building Suppliers

If you need help deciding whether steel buildings are the best choice for you, then please get in touch with Baker Steel Trading today.

We are steel fabricators who can fabricate buildings to a high standard in-house, and our highly experienced team can help make the entire process stress-free and easy for you.

We can provide working 3D steel fabrication drawings, as part of the planning process, before any fabrication work begins. We also provide various on-site services, ranging from mobile welding to HIAB and crane hire services. The team here at Baker Steel Trading can provide an entirely bespoke service to you that meets your needs, and helps you meet budgets and timescales.

If you’re looking for high-quality, CE-marked steel products that won’t let you down, reach out to us today.

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