Used Sheet Piles

Used sheet piles can provide an economical alternative to new sheet piles. The condition or quality of a used sheet pile is variable. It is determined by the section size, the soil conditions in which they have been previously driven, the number of times they have been used, the equipment used for installation and the care factor of the previous installers. The price of used sheet piles varies in accordance with the used condition. Availability of used sheet piles can also vary so it is worthwhile asking about their availability if they might be a suitable solution for your requirements.


Used sheet piles are sold on an ‘as’ ‘is’ basis, it is important for the purchaser to be aware of the following issues:


  • Sheet piles are manufactured to a standard which includes tolerances on the product. Used piles may not be within these tolerances. Additional effort may be required for driving out of tolerance piles
  • Mill certificates in most cases cannot be provided for used sheet piles due to a loss in traceability. If QA requirements dictate, then some testing of the piles may be required to verify the steel grade and quality. J Steel can confirm ArcelorMittal sections resold by J Steel were initially manufactured in accordance to the relevant manufacturing standards
  • Corrosion/loss of section may have occurred on the used piles. Assessment and consideration in respect of the design is required by the purchaser. Where possible J Steel can provide a history for the used piles
  • Cleanliness (typically marine growth and/or soil within the interlocks) can affect drivability, as such it may be necessary to clean interlocks prior to driving
  • Previous users may have cut holes in piles or welded on attachments which can affect future uses
  • Inspection of used sheet piles is always recommended prior to delivery to ensure the purchaser is satisfied with the condition of the used sheet piles


J Steel will generally offer to purchase used sheet piles back at the end of the project. This can be agreed at the time of the initial sale (of new or used piles) or considered at the end of the project.